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Metal Detecting Equipment

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

 Recent Discovery #3  Anderson Detector Shafts


Product Information:

Anderson Detector Shafts: http://andersondetectorshafts.com/

The fine folks at Anderson Detector Shafts sent out an Excalibur II travel shaft for long term testing and evaluation 🙂 The product looks and feels very well built and should be a nice upgrade for traveling with an Excalibur II.

Anderson Detector Shafts also builds some really nice looking Carbon Fiber shafts,  and a variety of other quaility detecting products.

Ryan at Andeson Detector Shafts will be your point of contact.































John Volek


Metal Detecting Equipment

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Product Information:

Repairing or Cleaning your scratched Metal Detectors Display Screen.

Several months back while working a job, I rubbed the display screen on my CTX3030  with a wet muddy glove and scratched the display screen.

The scratches were not always visable, but with the sun hitting it just right, it was very noticable and distracting.

 Came across this product by accident, but it worked very well on repairing the display screen on my CTX330; I feel pretty confident it would work well on any detectors display screen.

The product came out of a 3M headlight restoration kit purchased at Harbor Freight. After using the kit for it’s intended purpose, I tried a dab of the final polishing compound on the CTX3030’s screen and it took out the scratches with no problem.

The screen looks new again.

























Hope this is useful to someone else.



John Volek




Lost Ring Sugar Land, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Received the following e-mail:

Hello John,

I saw your info on theringfinders.com website. I lost my wedding band this past week and was looking into renting a metal detector in hopes of finding it, but then I found you in a Google search. Would you expect the same payment whether the ring is found or not? I’d be willing to pay $**** if found, but $**** if not for your time. I don’t know if that’d be worth your while, but just wanted to be honest up front about what I’m willing/able to pay. If that’s
reasonable for you, please email me back and we can try to arrange a time to meet at the park. Thank you for even considering!


I met with David and his son at a local park in Sugar Land where they had played baseball a few days earlier. David said, he and his son were throwing the ball and he was pretty sure his Platinum Wedding Ring came off of his finger when he had taken off his baseball glove. David pointed out an area in the park where he and his son had been playing, and then walked the area with me, highlighting the areas he had remembered pulling off his glove.

The search area in the park was about 100′ by 100′ of flat level grass. I was pretty sure this would be a quick easy find, thinking this should be a really low trash area and the ring should be a fast find. Well the park had a lot of false signals requiring me to stop and dig through the grass frequently checking for the ring.

After about an hour, and moving another 10′ outside of the original search area, success a good solid signal. I looked into the grass and saw the ring. I had given David’s son one of my handheld Pin-Pointers to play with, and I could see he was about 20-30- feet away digging in the grass looking for treasures of his own.

I called him over, and asked him to check this  particular area for his Dad’s Wedding Ring. After a few minutes of working his handheld in the grass, the handheld sounded and he found the ring. It was pretty cool seeing David’s son finding his father’s ring. It was a Kodak moment.

























John volek


Equipment Used:


Minelab Pin-Pointer Pro (times 2)



Lost Ring Kemah, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

  01/18/2014 I received the following e-mail

Subject: Missing Ring

 Hi my name is William and I lost a gold ring.  It is very dear to my family and I would like your help.  It is in Kemah.  Can you come by this week?



 01/19/2014 William and I spoke on the phone and he outlined some of the details regarding his missing ring. William said he and several friends where at another friend’s house down in Kemah, Texas.  He said they were all out on the ground level deck visiting and enjoying the outdoors when his girlfriend dropped her 18kt ring.

 William said they heard the ring hit the deck; it bounced of his shoe and disappeared either into the grass or under the deck.  He said they search for the ring and later found www.theringfinders.com website and sent an e-mail.

 A few lesson learned on this search, I normally ask and get a pretty through “CAN” report which is an acronym for Conditions, Actions, and Needs (Firefighter Terminology).

 Gathering all relevant information as normal I scheduled a trip for Thursday 01/23/2014.

  I made the trip out to Kemah on Thursday as scheduled and met William at the location provided. As I arrived, I could see some time had been spent looking for the ring. The large wooden deck had been jacked up in one of its corners with a large bumper jack. (The point is coming), “the actions portion of the CAN report.”

 After introductions and a firsthand account of how the ring was lost, I began searching the grassy area around the deck and then began the process of crawling under the deck to find the lost ring. To be expected, the deck had its share of beer tabs and bottle tops, but no ring. I spent an hour working the areas around and under the deck with no positive result.

 It was at this point the decision was made to lower the jack and move it to the other side of the deck. The plan was to jack up the opposing corner of the deck and check the areas I could not reach. As I examined the jack, I thought to myself Williams a pretty sharp guy; he used the large steel water utility cover as a footing for the jack.  I started looking for something to use on the other side as a footing for the jack. I again ran my hand held around the edge of the cover checking for the ring, but no luck.

 It was at this point William grabbed the large steel utility cover off the ground (OK, will stop here with the story)

 William had brought the steel utility cover along with him to use as a footing for the jack. I couldn’t believe it; it looked like it belonged there, and had been there a long time.

 Well, I think we all know where the ring was found, under the cover WOW. William had put the large steel cover right over the ring.  I went around that darn cover 20 plus times; knowing in my mind, that the utility cover was their long before any of us. (wrong). This was where I failed in my CAN report, “Actions” what actions had been taken. 

 One can never ask enough questions. I am still laughing about this one.

 William was glad to get his girlfriend’s ring back, all in all a good day for everyone.












kehma 3























Kehma 4













 CTX 3030

Pin pointer Pro


Lost Wedding Ring Northwest Houston, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758


Lost Wedding Ring Recovered Northwest Houston, Texas

I received a call from Fernando a resident of Northwest Houston on Thursday regarding his lost wedding ring.

Fernando stated he lost his ring today while trimming the hedges in his front yard. He said he had searched for several housrs and was unable to find his ring. Fernando said he later searched the internet and found www.theringfinders.com website and located the nearest Ring Finder.

I met Fernando at his residence this morning and was given the details of how and where he believed the ring had fallen of his finger.

The area to be searched was quite small, and the recovery was quite quick.

Fernando was quite surprised and relieved his ring was recovered.

Equipment used on this Recovery:


















Lost Texas A&M Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758

Lost Ring Phone Support 🙂

Hi John,

My name is Alvaro ******** and I misplaced my aggie ring over the weekend at home.  Normally I place my ring on top of the family dresser, and vaguely remember doing so.  However, we have not been able to find it over the weekend.  Are you able to assist with the search for this ring?  It is likely inside the house in a drawer or crack(I think).  We live in the Heights in a Bungalow.  If you can assist us, please let me know how much you would charge for your services.  Do you work off contingencies?

Thank you

Alvaro *********




Thank you for contacting me, when I hear about these type of losses, I often recommend waiting for up to 72 hours, as the rings in these situations tend to show up on their own.

If that time has passed, and the ring is still missing from your home, you have to ask yourself these real questions.

1. Who has had access to the ring since you last remember seeing it. This list would include friends, family, service persons, etc?

2. Have you checked all the obvious places like your pockets, laundry basket, behind dressers, beds, etc?

3. Check the vacuum cleaner bag

4. Could the ring have bypassed any drain guard in any sink? If yes, you need to check the drain pipe traps.

MOST of my expertise in locating missing items (rings) is by utilizing the latest technology in metal detecting equipment.  This work is traditional done in an outdoor environment.  I have assisted people on these types of jobs before, sometimes a clean set of eyes can be a factor, but we need to focus on the fact that your ring did not disappear on its own.

Professionally, I often tell people to sit down and write out their daily activities of the day in question. This act often creates a recall we might not have had just thinking about the particular day or incident.

Let me know.

John Volek

281 330 7758


Hi John,

Thanks for the encouraging words; I took your advice and kept alert for it. Alas, my ring was where I least expected it;  My closet.

Happy holidays



Great News and Happy Holidays


Lost Wedding Ring West University-Houston, Texas (Recovered)

from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)
Contact: 1-281-330-7758


I received a call today from Ryan and Jess regarding Ryan’s lost wedding ring.

Ryan and Jess reported Ryan was playing football in the front yard with family when

his ring flew off of his finger.

Ryan mentioned his wife Jess was not happy :), but after speaking to her she

insisted Ryan would be sleeping in-doors tonight regardless of the out-come.

Ryan reported one of his family members had located www.theringfinders.com after

his failed attempts at finding his ring.

I think you can tell from the smiles, today was a good day

I was happy very happy for Ryan and Jess, you could see the relief and happiness

in both of them when the ring was recovered.














Ryan and Jess














Ryan’s Wedding Ring


Equipment used on this Recovery: CTX 3030 and Pinpointer Pro




Backyard Gold… Lost Engagement Ring in Coquitlam BC

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I received a call from a young lady who lost her engagement ring in her backyard two weeks ago. After reading her email then talking to her on the phone I realized I knew this person! She works in the film industry and we haven’t talk for very long time so it was nice to connect and help her find her lost wedding ring.



When I arrived I was promptly greeted and shown the area where she believed the ring was lost.  I asked if she could tell me what the ring meant to her and what the story was that made the ring so special.

She told me that her fiancé proposed to her in Mexico and gave her this temporary ring until they got home where she could have one designed.

Even though she had a beautiful ring designed, one that she wears now, I could tell that the ring she had lost meant a lot to her as it was the ring he proposed to her with.

I set up my equipment and started to go to work, unfortunately her property has powerlines very close to the search area. Thankfully with the new modern technology I was able to cancel out most of the interference from above and zero in on her lost ring.




This search took me 15 minutes, I was very happy to get the signal and find her lost engagement ring.

I absolutely love my job!  Thank you for the very kind reward I really appreciate it!

15% goes to Children’s Hospital…Thank you!

Lost something? call me ASAP! 778-838-3463

You can watch the video of the search below…