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Gold ring lost in garden, found by ringfinder in Laplace, Louisiana

  • from Mandeville (Louisiana, United States)

I was contacted by Lance on July 27, 2023, asking me to help him find his gold wedding ring that he lost during Easter time when he working in his garden. I went to Laplace, Louisiana in hopes of recovering his ring and returning it to him. Lance has had his wedding ring for almost 27 years and he has felt lost without it for the past few months. He didn’t recall exactly when it fell off, he just remembered having the ring on when he started in the morning and then it no longer being on his finger in the afternoon. He said he went numerous places throughout the yard where it could have fallen off. I began my search on one side of the garden bed and worked my way to the other side, only scanning the top layer with the pinpointer. No luck! So I decided to take out the Simplex+ and attempt to search the yard. The yard was relatively empty and there were no serious targets. I decided to go back to the garden and search the 3-8 inch deep range. After clearing about 3 feet of garden and got a beep from the pinpointer. As I scooped with my hand, out popped a gold ring. The 95 degree heat was really taking a toll , so I was extremely relieved I was able to find this within the hour. I went up to Lance and asked he “what type of material was the ring again?”. He responded with “yellow gold” and I said “like this type of yellow gold” as I showed him the ring. He was extremely excited and appreciative.