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Lost gold wedding ring, found in Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Fl…..Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys or other metal object….Call or text Mike McInroe at 321-363-6029 ASAP! I am a ring recovery specialist serving all of central Florida and beyond!

Here is Patsy’s story in her own words! “On Palm Sunday, April 2, 2023 my husband and I were visiting our son in Orlando, Florida where we lived previously for 20 years. We now live in Tennessee. This was our BIG two week vacation with a trip to Miami to see our daughter and then on to Fort Lauderdale for a 9 day cruise! While in Orlando we went to Mass at St James Cathedral, and walked to it from our hotel near the Florida Hospital. We forgot how humid Orlando is and by the time we arrived at Church, both of us had swollen hands from the walking and the humidity. My wedding band started to feel tight and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it off, so I wrangled it off as we left church. We saw a festival going on next door at Lake Eola Park and headed that way. Previously I had put my ring in my fanny pack and double checked to make sure it was in properly. It was. When we arrived at the park, a number of tents were selling various foods and candied pecans which looked so good to me. So being cautious (I thought) I stepped over under a couple of trees, opened up my fanny pack and pulled out some cash for the nuts. Later that evening, when it had cooled down, I thought it would be safe to put my wedding ring back on. Except there was no wedding band to be found. Not in the fanny pack, not on the floor, no where! We asked our son and his girlfriend to come back to the park with us and look around, which we did. NO RING! Nothing like feeling sick about a loss the first day of our vacation! But I was determined it was not going to ruin things and I soldiered on. We went to Miami the following day and I remembered reading about volunteers throughout the country who use metal detectors to find lost items. So, from the hotel in Miami, I looked for someone in Orlando I could contact and found Mike McInroe! I texted him late and he responded right away, asking for details and maps. Since I was unable to take a screen shot on the hotel computer, I hand drew a couple of little maps with notes and arrows, took photos of them and sent them off to Mike. I wasn’t in Orlando and I could only tell him what I remembered. He was extraordinarily patient, asking clarifying questions and said he would give it a shot, even though we both knew the odds were stacked against us. And to top it off we would be unable to use internet on the ship although we could receive text messages in some areas. I checked periodically but saw nothing from Mike. I thought he had given up and was waiting to tell me the bad news once I returned home. Then when we landed in Atlanta, about 40 text messages came through, even though we were in Florida for a few hours before we flew back from Fort Lauderdale. Why they didn’t come through then I have no clue. But there was one from Mike, with a photo of my ring and the great news that he had found it! I cannot tell you how excited I was. Even though I only got married in 2017 it was my first marriage, making it all the more special because we bought our rings in Ireland! I am still amazed and in awe of the outcome. Mike has such a positive attitude and calm demeanor, that I could have handled it even if he had not found my lost ring. But he DID FIND IT!! He sent it by UPS to me in Tennessee and that is my Happy Ending! And frankly, an amazing story to tell my friends and family who don’t believe we actually got our lost ring back! Thank you Mike!”

How I thank God for allowing me to find and return Patsy’s lost wedding ring! Feel free to call me and let me know how I can possibly help you find something you have lost….it never hurts to ask! Even if it was lost years ago and you know of the approximate location, like in your yard, at the park, etc…

Mike McInroe….humbly at your service through

Lost Wedding Ring in Priest lake Idaho, FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

I had the ok from the wife and a wide open weekend to go scuba diving. So I got up early and set out to a local lake. As I was just about to head into the water I checked my phone one last time. Along with the I love you text from my wife, there was another text from a wife named Anne. She was asking for my help finding her lost wedding ring. Anne had lost her wedding ring while enjoying a late afternoon swim at a white sand beach. Anne tossed a frisbee back and forth and swam for about an hour. All that activity in 60 degree water made her 3 band white gold ring slip off her finger. Anne’s family searched and searched the water with no luck. Anne’s computer savvy neice found my Ring Finders profile and let Anne know that The Ring Finders could help her. After listening to her story I could hear her confidence in the details. So I loaded back up and headed to Priest Lake. Anne’s brother took us on his pontoon boat to the other side of the lake. As we passed over the white sandbar near the beach Anne’s brother pointed out where the family was playing. We docked on the beach and I made ready my gear to head out to the sand bar. A few directions were given and then I began my grid search. While swinging my Fisher cz21 around, I noticed that there was white sand with algae floating on it and white sand without. My thoughts were that, the sand without was where they were playing . So decided to searched around the rim of the disturbed area. One last check on my furthest location and then I was set on a grid that lead me too Anne’s ring. After sliding the ring on my finger I asked Anne if she would like to see what I had found. She quietly said yes and clutched her hands in excitment. Anne’s husband and sister in law were on the dock when we returned. The news of her ring found sent the sister in law into a screaming frenzy. It was all happy rejoicing from there on out. I even got the nickname scuba steve. So all in all my weekend of scuba diving turned into to a Ring Finder’s happy ending, and that my friends is a way to end a great weekend. Thank you Anne for trusting The Ring Finders and for the handsome reward.

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