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How to find a lost ring with a metal detector!

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What is the first thing you do when you lose a ring? You mark the exact spot where you lost it or as close as possible, then you contact myself or one of the ring finders in your area!

Ken was working in his yard, doing yard work and cleaning out his swimming pool, and covered quite an area while doing so. When he came into the house and while washing his hands he realized his wedding ring was missing. He told me he has worn his ring for the last 7 years and he was desperately wanting to find it!

When I arrived at his home I was met by Ken and his dear wife and their little son. He showed me around his back yard indicating where he had done certain jobs, like draining the large hose for his pool, picking up debris here and there and where he had worked on his pool filter system. I began by systematically working my way around the yard trying to thoroughly cover each area! Earlier Ken had indicated where he unrolled and rerolled a large flat hose and that grassy area was where Ken’s lost wedding ring was hiding! Ken and his wife were thrilled to have their token of love back on Ken’s finger where it belonged and I was privileged to be involved in that awesome reunion! Again I said a prayer to my heavenly Father for helping me find Ken’s lost wedding ring!

Give me a call or text me ASAP and let me help you find what you have lost!

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