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Ring Lost First Day after Wedding .. Santa Ana, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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Javier called me about 8 pm, Monday night. He had lost his wedding ring the day after his marriage to Stephanie. They had a big reception, Sunday at his parent’s home. He wasn’t quite sure where or when it was lost but he was able to eliminate a few areas by reviewing photos taken during the day.
He believed it was lost on their large lawn. It was not a public area so it wasn’t necessary to do the search that night. It’s always a question in my mind, what kind of conditions will I find when I get to the search area. It was a nice yard area that had quite a few metal trash signals, mostly deep. I set my sensitivity on my detector low because there is no need to waste time investigating deep targets. I concentrated on the low tones with surface depth readings ( 1″ or 2″ ). After about 30 minutes I got a got the perfect gold tone at 2 inches. Javier’s ring in the grass probably stepped deep into the grass by several people during the party.
The family had left me to do the search while they waited inside the house. I did not touch the ring, I wanted them to see how well it was hiding in the grass. We all enjoyed the moment, sincerely thanking me and taking time to take photos. It was definitely a pleasure to help them find their wedding ring.

Tuesday.. 9-15-15



Tiffany Ear Ring Lost on Soccer Field .. Newport Beach

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Friday afternoon Megan had been playing soccer at Arroyo Park in Newport Beach, CA. After battling with another player for possession of the ball she realized that one of her Tiffany ear rings was missing. She had a good idea where the ear ring could be because it happened right on two lines that mark the playing field.
After several hours crawling and feeling in the thick grass she was unable to locate the small ear ring. Saturday morning Megan did a Google search locating me on . We met at the park an hour later. She had brought the other ear ring which helped me to set up my detector. I began by asking my questions to help me with the search. After hearing her story, I had to ask if she won the battle for possession of the ball.
There was actually a soccer practice on the field, but I was able to swing the detector over the grass while the players were at the opposite end of the field. She was sure that it would be in a 10 ft. square area next to the side lines. She was three or four feet off, it was just outside the sidelines. I doubt that anyone could have seen it as it was deep in the grass. Smiles and high fives from Megan and her friend. This ear ring was part of a three piece set given to her by a relative for her birthday last year.
It wasn’t an easy search because there was quite a lot of trash signals. I was surprised that I was able to pick the most likely tone from my CTX 3030 Minelab Detector and ID reading. Good equipment and the knowledge of how to use them make the difference for a successful search.

Sunday   September 12, 2015


Lost Wedding Ring Found in the Grass in Burlington VT

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

Another happy reunion of a beautiful wedding band and a very sentimental owner!

Today at work I got a call from a woman who had lost her wedding band. One of her co-workers referred her to me. So, after work I hurried home, let my dogs out, and hit the Interstate for Burlington. She had lost it in a very busy area, so I wanted to get there quick before the wrong person found it. I went prepared to do an after dark search if necessary,

She told me that she had lost it either during an exercise class on a lawn behind her office or afterwards when she went for a short run in the streets nearby. I was sure hoping it was in that lawn, but was prepared to go search the streets as well.

She said her insurance would replace it, but she really wanted to find her own original ring instead of getting a replacement ring. She and a bunch of friends and co-workers looked real hard for it. She even got the services of a police dog who was trained to find objects that had been handled by someone. I felt bad for the dog and owner that they hadn’t found it.

After a very short search (thanks to her good directions) I found it on the lawn, pushed deep into the thick grass where no-one would have been able to find it without a metal detector. She was so happy! I felt real good, too.


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Tungsten Carbide Ring found in grass .. Cypress, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)





















Thursday 7-09-15

Troy called me in the late afternoon. He wanted to know if a metal detector would be able to find a tungsten carbide ring. My answer was yes, then I asked him if he planned on renting or buying a metal detector? I explained to him if he hasn’t operated a metal detector, there are many factors to overcome to have a successful search. Parks and yards can have a metallic trash and/ or electrical interference, especially bothersome with the more inexpensive metal detectors. I told him I could help him find his ring and made him a offer he could not refuse. When I arrived Troy showed me an area where he thought it had fallen out of his pocket. He had spent several hours searching on his hands and knees. He also raked the area hoping to pull it up. It was a small area with thick deep grass. Starting my grid during the first five feet, I received quite a few false signals mixed with deeper good metallic signals. My detector does give me approximate depth reading and a number that gives me a general idea of the type of metal it has detected. After a few minutes Troy approached me to tell me that the ring was actually thrown not dropped. I thanked him, assuring him that this happens more than he would ever believe. It did change my search plan, because the ring could have hit a tree or sidewalk bouncing in a odd direction. I spent about 20 minutes searching outside the area he thought it might be hiding. My next plan was to change my search coil to a 6″ instead of my 11″ coil. Then retrace my search area where there was more trash and electrical interference. Before I made the change, I did a couple quick swings over that spot. Mixed in with several signals I could see a 12-29 reading at 2″ deep. It just flashed on my detector screen for a second. When I put my pinpointer into the grass I got a good signal, but I had to strain my eyes to see the black/gray ring deep in the grass. Troy’s wife was near, so I called her over show her how well it was hidden. Troy was surprised and told me that he had not believed that I could find it with a metal detector. Another successful day for TheRingFinders.

Lost White Gold Ring .. Huntington Beach .. Found in Grass

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


Monday night .. 6-01-15 .. 10:30pm

I got a call Monday night about a white gold wedding band lost in the grass. Danny had been given my information from a guy that recommended TheRingFinders and my name. We talked about when I could meet him or his wife tomorrow. They had another detectorist look for the ring the first evening but it was late and Danny’s wife, Fallon was not available to narrow the search area.
I talked to Fallon setting up a 3pm meeting, because we had chores to take care of before then. It was not so important as this not a public park, it was just a large green grass area inside a gated community. Before meeting Fallon, I saw another park where the gardeners were mowing the lawns. I started to panic thinking I was too late. When Fallon arrived she took me to this other grassy park. Telling me that her 4 year old son Cody had his Dad’s ring in his hand when he got distracted he dropped it in the grass.
Fallon showed me an area half the size of a basketball court that Cody could have dropped it. Then she asked Cody, who said it was another 50 yards towards the trees. It looked best to break the area into four separate quadrants. I picked a starting point to start gridding diagonally. I like to start in the center and do a spiral type grid pattern. On my first quadrant I made two 60 ft. passes, 15 ft. after starting my 3rd pass I got a strong gold tone. Bamm! One white gold wedding band. The ring was hidden deep in 3 inches of grass. It could have never be seen by eye. Danny’s wife Fallon was ecstatic, but the two kids were busy doing kid things. It was another special Day in Huntington Beach.

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Lost Wedding Ring Houston, Texas (Recovered)

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


I received the following e-mail from Darren regarding his wife’s lost wedding band.

Hello John:

I am writing to inquire about obtaining your help after reading your blog posts in locating a ring lost in the front yard of a house near downtown Houston. Please let me know if you are interested in helping us locate the ring and when you might be available.
My wife lost the ring while playing with our child in the front yard while bagging leaves about one month ago. She realized she lost the rings and we were able to locate the engagement ring but not the wedding band. The wedding band is somewhere in about a 10 x 25 foot flat grass section bounded on all sides by cement sidewalk (see attached picture). I can identify where the wedding ring was found within that plot as a starting location. Three of us searched the grassy area that day with hands over the grass but were not able to locate the wedding band. The wedding band is a rather standard platinum band. We found you through the ring finders website, which is a rather unique concept. Most mornings I would also be able to meet with you at the location, but I do have occasional office meetings scheduled in the morning. We appreciate your assistance. Please let me know if you need more information.







I met Darren and his wife Keri at their residence this morning in Houston. Keri outlined a very specific area of the yard where she had been working when she lost her ring.

As you can see from the pictures it was a good day.















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Equipment Used:


TRX Pin-Pointer


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