Wedding Ring lost in Malibu, CA Mountain Backyard...Found and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I was eating breakfast this morning when I noticed an email come in on my phone. I read that it was from Rosalie. She told how she had just gotten married yesterday, but her ring got lost in the backyard. She and her husband had their sweet little puppies as their ring bearers. The rings were tied, one around each of their necks with ribbons, and they were supposed to come to them during the ceremony to deliver the rings. The problem with puppies is that they are puppies, and they have a natural desire to play, and play they did. When they were supposed to deliver the rings, they began to rough house around the back yard; “wrestling” as Rosalie put it. When they finally got control of the dogs, they noticed that the ribbon on the one who had Rosalie’s ring had come untied, and the ring was gone. They and their wedding party searched for the ring, but to no avail. I got right back with her, and arranged to meet in a few hours.

When I got to their house they showed me the backyard, which was not very big, and explained what had happened. I had a few questions. There were some clumps of high grass, and a type of deep clover. It looked as if it would be a simple search, until I began, and realized that there was a lot of metal under the dirt. I searched with my standard coil with no luck, then switched to more of a sniper coil, and went over the yard again, still no luck. About this time I could see a look of resignation in Rosalie’s eyes, thinking the ring was gone for good. I then switched my program, to eliminate all iron from sounding and went over the yard again. This time I got a good signal next to one of the clumps of grass, put the pin pointer in, and it started screaming in my ears. I moved the grass around, and there was her ring. I looked around for her and noticed she had gone in the house, so I put the ring on my pinky finger, and put all my gear away. I then went over and knocked on the door. Rosalie came over, and I told her that I have finished my search, at which time I could see a slight downcast demeanor come over her. At that time I then lifted my hand and showed her the ring stating that is because I found the ring. Needless to say, there was instant joy emblazoned all over Rosalie’s face, as she exclaimed to her new husband how I was able to find her ring. What pleasure to be able to bring such joy to people, and what a great day it was today!

Rosalie sent the following testimonial:

Steve truly saved the day — after losing my wedding band just before the ceremony, my husband’s 8 year old god-daugther so sweetly offered me her ring.
The next morning I typed “lost wedding ring” into google and found Ringfinders and Steve. I emailed him and he got back to me within the hour (it was early) and made plans to come to our house later that morning. I was grateful for how quickly he responded. Once he got to work, he told me there was a lot of metal in the ground, making the search more difficult. After he had been searching for about an hour, I began to think it must have fallen beneath our deck and there would be no way to find it or retrieve it without pulling up the deck. I asked Steve if we should call off the search and he said he wasn’t ready to give up. I went back in the house, and had even called the jeweler to ask if they had a replacement ring in stock. A little while later Steve got my attention and I asked him if we should call off the search. He said “yes …. because I found the ring!” and a bright smile came across his face as I screamed “JEFF HE FOUND IT !!!!” I really couldn’t believe it — I was so surprised and thrilled! Steve is amazing, an expert at what he does, and he so clearly loves doing this – finding people’s treasures for them… You can see that the joy he brings to people is for him, priceless.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Steve !


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