Jeff Cross

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a "Reward Basis" you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford to have me find your lost item. I have a call-out fee of $25.00 if the item is not found, this covers my fuel expenses.

(The call-out fee might be more or less depending on where you are located.)

Search Types

Schools, beaches, parks, yards, rivers, ponds, or lakes. (Underwater search up to 5 feet of water). I also search homes and cars. I have a snake camera that has a length of 50 feet with attachments for searching and recovering jewelry lost in small, inaccessible areas, such as underneath a floorboard or car seat, as well as household drains and pipes. If the lost item is on private property or state-owned land I would need to have permission to search the area, but I can help obtain that if need be. Sometimes even just a set of fresh eyes or different perspective is all it takes to locate something.

Search Locations

Muncie, Yorktown, Daleville, Gaston, Eaton, Anderson, Ft. Wayne, Anderson, Indianapolis, and surrounding areas.

Jeff Cross's Bio

I live and work in Muncie, Indiana. I have been interested in history and buried treasure for as long as I can remember. I've also always enjoyed helping people find something that they are looking for. Whether it was a set of keys, a remote control in a couch cushion, a pair of glasses, or their lost dog, it didn't matter, I just wanted to be of some help. As a result, I have become very good at using both inductive and deductive reasoning, along with several different search methods to determine where something might have been lost, how it can be found, and where to find it. That translated well into my hobby of metal detecting and using all of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, combined with good tools and equipment, I am able to help people find something that is important to them, something that they think might be lost forever.