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In January 2021, a man reached out to me and explained a very personal situation.  He and his wife had an argument and in his anger he threw his beloved wedding ring out into his front yard.  The moment he realized what he had done the regret set in and he began his search.  It was dark and he was unsure of where it went so he was unsuccessful in finding it that night.

The next morning he pulled out his metal detector, the same detector that he had used countless times in the past while on metal detecting adventures with his parents, but the same one that he had put away several years before after they passed away and he lost his interest.  He searched for hours with his machine, while his wife walked back and forth slowly looking by eyesight.  After spending most of that day searching they were still unable to find his ring.  Two months later and still unable to forget it, he decided he needed to ask for some help from above, so he prayed about it. Shortly after he had the idea to search for someone to assist and found The Ring Finders online.  He contacted me through text and then by telephone and we talked about what had happened.

I could tell by his voice how much the ring meant to him and how much he regretted doing what he did, and told him I would be happy to make the 2 hour trip to help him find it.  My girlfriend/search partner and I arrived the next day and after discussing how and the where, I began to focus my search towards the front of the yard, in a different location than they had been searching.  Judging by his throwing style, the location, and the force he said he used, I believed the ring to be a in a different spot.  I started my grid pattern through the front of his yard, but quickly decided to search a dried up creek bed in front of his house as in my eyes it was the perfect location for his flying ring to end up.  While searching the creek I heard a signal, but the target was too deep underground to be his ring so I moved on.  The very next target I heard through my headphones was a beautiful, solid sounding tone that immediately made my ears perk up.  I bent down to look for what I had already suspected was his ring, and when I uncovered the leaves, there it was, a beautiful yellow and white gold ring with several diamonds, covered in dirt and muck but still as beautiful as ever.

I sent him a message asking him to come outside because I had another question.  When he came outside I tried to throw him off by asking questions such as how far he thinks he could have thrown it, and where else he thinks it could be.  I then pointed out the flag that I had put in place of the ring.  I asked him, “Do you see that flag? That’s how far you got it.”  Confused, he looks at me and says, “What do you mean?”   I tell him, “That’s how far you got your ring. Want to know how I know that?” as I pulled out the ring and put it in his hand.  The same ring that he threw into his yard out of anger two months prior that suddenly appeared in a stranger’s hand who he had only met a few hours prior.   The relief was instant for him.  He took off his hat, took a deep breath, wiped away a few tears and shook my hand, telling me he never thought I was going to find it and that he was hesitant to ask a stranger to look for his ring, but at that point he had nothing else to lose.  He went inside to get his wife while I gathered my gear.

I took some pictures of the ring and we talked to them for awhile afterwards learning about the home repairs he was working on and his detecting adventures with his parents. He then went inside only to return shortly afterwards.  He walked right over to me and handed me his metal detector.   The same one he had used to search for his ring, and the same one that he had used with his parents before they passed away.  I told him that I could not accept it, as it must mean something to him and that he could still use it for something in the future.  He told me it was meaningful, but said that he does not use it enough and would be honored for me to use it on a future search to help someone else like I helped him.  I was honored to receive it.   And it was one of the most meaningful gifts that I have ever received.

Found Ring in yard.

Another happy client!

Surprising him with his ring that had been lost for 2 months!

Relieved to have his ring back.


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