Tracy Santee

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a Reward Basis...That means you pay me what my service is worth to you and what you can afford for me to find your lost item. It's not based on how long the search takes it's based on whether or not I find it. A minimum travel expense of $35 will apply. Extended travel distance fees will be determined and mutually agreed upon prior to the search.

Search Types

Year round searches in all types of terrain: yards, wooded areas, fields, beaches, farms, public parks (provided I am given permission), and water up to 4 feet in depth including snow. If your lost item is located on private property, I require proper permission is obtained by you from the property owner prior to conducting the search.

I will work with Insurance companies property claims and Law Enforcement on evidence recovery.

You don't have to have lost something to use my services. If you feel your property has something of value, lets look for it.

Search Locations

Central and Eastern Pennsylvania but I will travel anywhere I'm needed.

Tracy Santee's Bio

I am retired Air Force and available to assist you in your search almost any time of the week, so call or email as soon as possible. I have enjoyed helping people throughout my career as a paramedic and manager of a youth Christian camp. Now I am turning my metal detecting hobby into helping people find their lost items. The biggest reward is to see someones expression light up when you return something they thought was lost forever. Metal detecting offers a great way to meet some of the nicest people, enjoy the great outdoors and get exercise. I love searching for old coins and historic relics which peak into our American history.

Tracy Santee - Recent Blog Post

  • Gold wedding band found after being lost for 6 weeks (2022)

    I received a text asking if I could search for a mans gold wedding band that was lost. He stated that it was lost while throwing out leaves from the swimming pool. He knew the approx. area where it came off.  I was able to arrive a few days later to search and after only […]

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  • Engagement ring found in thick bushes in Harrisburg, PA (2022)

        I received a call from Sydney stating her engagement ring was lost in very thick bushes outside of a hotel. She stated someone else had tried to search for it but was unable to find it. As they searched the night before they removed a lot of cans and garbage from deep inside […]

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  • Lost White Gold Wedding Band Found In The Poconos. (2022)

    Jason contacted me be text and asked if I could search for his lost wedding band. While throwing ball with his dog, he felt the ring fly off his finger and thought he heard it land in an area of thick ferns and leaves along a wooded area. I arrived a few days after he […]

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  • Tungsten wedding band found in yard in Reading, PA (2022)

    I received a text from Madi asking if I could be a hero and find her husbands wedding ring. He lost it on Christmas day while playing football with his brother at his parents house. Madi and Ryan live in Maryland and would not be able to meet me on the day of the search. […]

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  • Wedding ring found in snow, and returned to owner. (2022)

    Jackie called and told me she lost her wedding ring in the snow after an evening of sledding at her sisters house. I arrived the next day and began my search. Due to her schedule, Jackie was unable to be there with me. After searching for about 20 min., I gave her a call to […]

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Tracy Santee - Testimonials

  • God truly sent Tracy to us and answered all of our prayers!!! We could not be more thankful!! Call Tracy if you need help... (2022)


    If you have lost a ring, CALL TRACY!! I lost my engagement ring in a thick bush at a hotel, we were to be checking out the day after and I did not want to leave without finding the ring. After searching for hours and exhausting every effort, I called Tracy and he had returned my phone call within the hour, and with the understanding that we were to be heading home and not staying another night at the hotel, he made his way to us ASAP!

    Tracy brought his mother, Judy, along with him, and they are a great family duo! Right away I could tell that they were very determined and hopeful to find the ring! Which restored a lot of confidence and faith back into me. Tracy had brought all the right equipment for the bush he would be searching through. And let me tell you, this was not an easy bush to search through AND Tracy even had a cast on his foot! Tracy worked hard and within 15-20min he had found the ring!!! He and Judy celebrated with me and were just as happy as we were!!

    God truly sent Tracy to us and answered all of our prayers!!! We could not be more thankful!! Call Tracy if you need help, he will never give up and stay determined and I can almost guarantee that he won’t let you down!!

    Sydney and Micah

  • Cannot recommend his services highly enough, thank you Tracy!! (2020)


    After losing my wedding ring the day of the first major snowfall in the Lehigh Valley, I was thinking of every way I could try and find it! After some furious googling, it became clear that I had no idea what type of metal detector I would need (let alone how to use it!). I came across TheRingFinders website and Tracy’s name came up as the local expert. He answered my call immediately and was able to make the trip to Bethlehem within 2 days. After a quick conversation regarding where I suspected the ring might be, Tracy fired up his equipment and found it within 15 minutes. Job well done, he’s a true professional! Cannot recommend his services highly enough, thank you Tracy!!

    -Joe Borak

  • We could not be happier with Tracy and would recommend him to anyone! (2020)


    We really did not think there was any hope in finding my wedding band and engagement ring after throwing leaves with our boys but thankfully, we found Tracy! Not only did he find both rings, but he was also so optimistic, determined, and extremely professional. We could not be happier with Tracy and would recommend him to anyone!

    - Kate and Darin Agresti

  • Tracy thank you so much for finding my ring! (2020)

    I had lost my ring after throwing it in the backyard on a Monday. We had went and bought a metal detector to try and look for it & spent 2 days looking for it.

    On Wednesday I still couldn’t find it and I decided to look online for ways to find a ring outside. I came across a post that said try looking up local ring finders. I googled the ring finders and the website came up.

    After finding a ring finder near me I called Tracy. He said he would be able to come out and look. When he came out, he was able to find the ring in 5 minutes. Quick, responsive, inexpensive, and good at what he does. Tracy thank you so much for finding my ring!

  • I am forever Thankful for Tracy Santee and his hard work. I can’t say enough good things about Tracy... (2019)


    Always Keep Faith.

    I am forever Thankful for Tracy Santee and his hard work. I can’t say enough good things about Tracy. He is a great professional guy. I felt like he was as invested in finding my ring as I was. He was willing to get wet and dirty. What impressed me the most is he was willing to meet me multiple times to search. If you lost something Tracy is the man to find it. Throughout this whole thing my wife and I kept Faith that we would find it. With Tracy’s help we did.

    My story is about faith, determination, and a trusty helper named Tracy. I lost my wedding ring in a lake at nearby Mt. Gretna, while playing with my daughter. It was a fantastic day until I felt an odd feeling on my ring finger. It was my ring sliding off. I pulled my hand out of the water and to my dismay I was missing my wedding ring. I yelled to my wife for help. We searched with the help of a nice couple and a few life guards but to no avail that day.

    I didn’t know what to do. But I knew I needed to get my wedding ring back. I did a Google search and found ring finders. I contacted Tracy and he was more than willing to help me. I arranged a time where Mt. Gretna lake would let us in to search. I had just purchased a small cheap underwater detector to help search. Tracy met me and my father at the lake to search. I told Tracy what happened and about where I lost my ring. He told me his plan of attack which sounded great. He started his systematic search, while I tried my best at using my small handheld detector. In a few minutes he gets a hit right about where I lost my ring. I dive down to scoop. Nothing… But Tracy still has it on his detector. I dive down again. Lots of sand but no metal. Then his detector turns off and won’t turn back on. He says this is odd, I’ve never had this problem before. He quickly learns water somehow got into it. So my dad had the great idea of taping my hand held detector to hockey stick. So we could search the bottom but not have to go underwater. Tracy being the expert that he is, I let him use the hockey stick metal detector. We were able to find a few soda tabs and coins, but no ring. And it was time for us to get out of the lake before it opened to the public.

    Tracy had to send his detector off to Texas to get fixed. When he got it back, we got in contact and set up a time to search again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help because of work. But Tracy met my Dad at the lake to look again. This time Tracy brought his son to assist and dive for objects. My dad said they covered quite a bit of area and went pretty deep into the water on their search, but nothing.

    The lake I lost it in closes Labor for the year and no one is allowed in until they open again. That date was getting close. I emailed Tracy asking if he would be willing to search one more time. I was very thankful he said he would. So I arranged it that I could help him search. We were finding lots of change and metal junk but no ring. The lake owner comes down and says you have 10 minutes left. Just after that Tracy gets a really good hit. I dive down and located it with a pin pointer. Then get a greater big scoop of sand. I’m shaking the sand out and I think I see a sparkle. I tell myself don’t get to excited. I shake out some more sand. There my ring is sparkling back at me. I picked it up, put it on, and yelled “I got it!!!!!” This happened as the owner was coming to tell us our time was up. We found it in the last second.

    Thank You Tracy!!!!

  • Great to have help from Ring Finders (2019)


    Follow up: I want to thank Tracy for spending a lot of time with me and my friend Bob to help recover the wedding band. My wife was extremely happy that we were able to find it. Without his help and Patience we would have been lost along with the ring. Tracy was pleasant and thorough with his searching technique and he is highly recommended.

    Great to have help from Ring Finders and hopefully never have to use them again…LOL. But I will be sure to pass on our happy experience to any one that needs help. Thanks Again, Tracy! Great Job!