Waterproof Metal Detector - Saves the Day

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waterproof metal detector

Waterproof Metal Detector

I get a lot of calls from people who are thinking of renting a waterproof metal detector.  Unfortunately, most equipment rental places do not rent waterproof metal detectors. This is probably because they cost significantly more than a standard land metal detector, and people just don’t take care of equipment they rent.  I’ve heard many stories about people who rented a metal detector, only to find out hours later that it didn’t even work!  I suppose it would be even worse with a more advanced piece of equipment that needs to be, and remain, waterproof.  Maybe it’s also because most people looking to rent a metal detector are searching for lot markers for a fence or landscaping project. I personally do not do lot marker searches, as there is typically a neighbor dispute involved that I don’t want to get in the middle of. However, once the weather warms up – the calls from people looking for help with a waterproof metal detector start coming in.

Lost Ring in the Water

Good thing there is a directory like The Ring Finders, where professionals are willing and able to help out, both on land and in water.  I recently went out on a search, looking for a ring lost last year that I was not able to find.  While out with my waterproof metal detector, I was approached by a guy who had just lost his wedding band.  Talk about good timing, eh?  I joked with him that it was good thing I was there – he didn’t even have to tell his wife he lost it!  She was there with him, so he wasn’t quite so lucky!  Check out the full waterproof metal detector lost ring hunt story here.

The Ring Finders

Please continue to support the ring finders on this directory – it’s amazing how people remember these stories when they really need someone.  I get calls all the time where people tell me that they read a story online or saw something on TV about a ring finder.  Our hobby / service is so unique, people don’t forget it when they hear about it. Then months or years later, they hear a story of a friend or family member who loses a ring … and they can say, “Hey, I think I know a guy / gal who can help!”


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