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Lost Ring in Lake Whitewater, WI – Found!

  • from Madison (Wisconsin, United States)

Lost Ring in Lake Whitewater

I woke up Monday, Labor Day, wondering if I’d get a lost ring call.  Being the official last day of summer, people are using out having a good time with friends and family.  I’ve done searches on Labor Day the past 3-4 years in a row, so odds were good.  People either find me here on www.TheRingFinders.com, or on my personal website looking to rent a metal detector. I checked my email and what do you know? I had an email from Matt looking for help finding his lost ring in Lake Whitewater, WI.

Lake Whitewater

I attended the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (UWW), so I was familiar with the area.  Prior to leaving, I asked Matt my typical list of questions. How did you lose it? How deep is the water? Did you feel or see the ring fall off?  I rarely get straightforward lost ring calls … but this one was about as perfect as they come.  Matt was moving big rocks in the water to help build up a wall on shore to prevent erosion.  While picking up one of the rocks, he felt his ring slip off.  He was close to shore, so he knew right where he was standing and marked the spot.

Gold Under the Rocks

When I arrived, there were about a dozen friends and family there for the weekend.  Everyone was intrigued by my equipment and how it worked.  I immediately ran into a problem, my traditional metal detector coil was too large to get in between the rocks. I was guessing that when Matt’s ring fell off, it probably was stuck in between some of the rocks. Luckily, I also had a small metal detector called a pinpointer along.  This allowed me to probe in between the rocks without having to move them all.  After only a couple of minutes, I got a nice buzz on the pinpointer.  I cleared away about a dozen rocks the size of my fist. Then, I felt the edge of the ring and knew I had struck gold!  The lost ring in Lake Whitewater had been found.

Four Diamonds

Take a look at the ring closely, and you’ll see 4 diamonds on the inside of the band.  Matt’s favorite number is 4 and his birthstone is a diamond.  He didn’t want diamonds on the outside of his wedding band, so his wife had them put on the inside as a special touch.  I’ve never seen a ring like this before, which adds to the joy of being able to find the lost ring in Lake Whitewater and return it to Matt.  This was my 84th lost ring found and returned with a metal detector!