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What an honor it is to have been featured on the Clark Howard Empowerment Zone podcast.  I have been a long time listener to Clark Howard, starting while I was in college. Clark Howard is a consumer expert and host of the nationally syndicated Clark Howard Show.  He also offers advice on his website,  His famous lines are “helping on ways to save more, spend less, avoid getting ripped off”.  So when I was asked to be a guest on a new podcast he was starting called “The Empowerment Zone”, I was humbled.  The description of  The Empowerment Zone is … “The Empowerment Zone features stories from people who are taking charge of their lives, empowering themselves and others, and hopefully …inspiring you.”

Lost and Found Ring

I had two of my past clients who jumped at the opportunity to tell their stories.  I love it when people tell the stories from their point of view – they add so much to the story.  As we all know, a ring is so much more than just a ring.  Both Laura and Jon explain in the podcast why their rings meant so much to them.

Check out the podcast below, and then check out for more of my stories and videos.



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  1. Jim Wren says:

    Great job all the way around Dan.

    Jim Wren
    TRF North Myrtle Beach SC

    Keep your son involved with metal detecting and the return of lost / found items.
    I have a grandson and he found and returned his first wedding band last year.
    It is a great way to help form his character, dedication, honesty and the desire to help others.
    It was wonderful to read your blog pages, you are doing an outstanding service in promoting
    The Ring Finders and our hobby of metal detecting…Thank You.

    Rick Browne
    TRF – Cape Cod

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