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metal detector rental

Metal Detector Rental

I’ve been on a lot of lost ring hunts over the years.  I’ve found 65 rings to date and probably not found another 65.  Every hunt is different, and I rarely say no to a search.  When I got a call recently to look for a ring along the side of the road … I couldn’t say no.  As many lost ring finders know, side of road searches are tough.  There is a ton of trash and it’s dangerous. This search was for a lost ring that was lost after a head on car accident.  Unfortunately, the driver was killed and his ring was never found.  After reading a story about another lost ring hunt I did in the paper, the woman called me to see if I could search for her late husband’s lost ring. Her family had thought about looking for a metal detector rental, but wisely called a professional instead.

metal detector rental

Ring Finder Madison

Even though the ring had been lost months earlier, it was still sitting just below the grass.  Can you spot it in the picture? Check out the full story below about why you shouldn’t look for a metal detector rental either and instead call a lost ring finder. Included in the story is also a link to the full video which ran on my local NBC station.  They such an amazing job telling the story of the couple and the lost ring and why it meant so much to her. It is moving, so make sure you have a tissue ready.

Metal Detector Rental – Road Side Ring Found!

Thank you and if you’ve lost your ring, please give me a call and I’ll do everything I can to help out. I can hunt on land and in the water for your lost ring.  All of my metal detectors are water proof and top of the line.


5 Replies to “Metal Detector Rental – Side of Road Search – Found!”

  1. Stan Ross says:

    Great Story! I understand that it’s hard to not try these types searches. I also agree that for every successful recovery, I have probably one unsuccessful search. If it’s not there you can’t find it, but you can eliminate an area where the list item maybe.

    1. Dan Roekle says:

      Thanks Stan Ross … how could I say no? Not sure if you get “feelings”, but I can usually tell if a hunt is going to be a success or not after hanging up the phone. I had a good feeling about this one, and so glad I was able to return it to her.

  2. Well done! It’s also nice when you can give back what was gone forever.

  3. Jim Wren says:

    Dan, you’ve made the ultimate recovery and returned a treasure that brought some closure for a devastated family. Every lost item has a story and with your help this story is complete. Bless you buddy.

    TRF North Myrtle Beach SC

    1. Dan Roekle says:

      Thanks Jim for the kind words. It was definitely my number one recovery of all time.

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