In the News - Pro Helps Briggsville Man Find Cherished Ring

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Check out this newspaper article about a recent lost ring find.  This was a great hunt and proof that a ring is not always where you think it was lost.  We spent a good hour searching the inside of an animal pen looking for 45 year old wedding band lost while spreading a bale of hay.  After searching the area 2 to 3 times, multiple different ways for close to 2 hours – I asked where else Jim might have been the day he lost his wedding ring.  After 5 mins of looking in this different area, I spotted the ring.  I called Jim over and handed him my handheld metal detector and let him find it.  Check out the link below for the full story of this lost ring including video of the hunt – the expression on Jim’s face when he found his ring is priceless and the reason we do what we do.

Newspaper Article: “Pro helps Briggsville man find cherised 45-year-old wedding ring on his farm

Original Story: How to Find a Lost Ring – “Like Finding a Ring in a Haystack”



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