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Another lost ring found ! Dauphin Island, Alabama

  • from Mobile (Alabama, United States)

I saw a post this morning on our local beach page – someone had also tagged my ringfinders page. I had to run a quick errand and then headed to Dauphin Island, Alabama to see if I could help out. Thankfully it was a smallish area – her husband had felt his wedding ring slip off his finger as he made a hand motion while standing on the porch. It only took a quick 15 minute hunt with my Equinox and 15” coil to retrieve the band from the sand where it fell last night. Success ! successful recovery !

Lost ring – Gulf Shores, Alabama

  • from Mobile (Alabama, United States)

I saw a Facebook post yesterday about a lost University of Alabama class ring. Being an avid Alabama fan as well as a relative of former championship quarterback AJ McCarron, I knew I had to go look for it !

Dylan thought he had put the ring on top of one of the beach chairs boxes and a friend had knocked it off. A friend of mine and I spent about an hour carefully searching that area with no luck.

We set out for the water since the tide was going out and we had planned on detecting there this afternoon. Much to my surprise a couple of hours later, there was Dylan’s Alabama ring !! A quick phone call to Dylan who had just landed at DFW airport on his way home confirmed it was his ring. I will be mailing it out tomorrow morning. Roll Tide !

Lost earring – Gulf Shores, Alabama

  • from Mobile (Alabama, United States)

I love it when I’m detecting along the beach and someone approaches me asking, “Can you please help me ?”  I was swinging this morning with a friend in the Perdido area when Brandon came up and asked for help. They had been taking some pictures a couple of days ago when his wife lost one of her mother’s earrings in the sand. He didn’t seem to be very confident that we would find it but we set out swinging. As often happens, the location was rather vague. “We stood over here, then we walked over that way”. It only took about 15 minutes before I heard the sweet sound of jewelry pinging around in my scoop as I shook the sand out. Brandon and his mother in law  seemed both surprised and happy !  While the earring didn’t appear to be exceptionally valuable, it had a sentimental value to her and she was thankful.

Lost ring Mobile, Alabama…..found

  • from Mobile (Alabama, United States)

Hi ! My name is Barbara Burgess and I would love to help you find your lost items. I specialize in lost jewelry, but have also found car keys, cell phones, property markers, etc. My specialty is the beach but can search in dirt, grass, yards, playgrounds, and parks equally well.