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Lost ring – Dauphin Island, AL

I got a text from Luke saying that his friend Delilah had lost a ring at the beach on Dauphin Island while visiting for the day. He couldn’t give me a lot of detail, so he had Delilah text me. She had taken off the ring and put it on her chair before going into the water, but it somehow got moved. She didn’t even realize it was missing until later that night. Fortunately for both of us, she was able to send me a picture of the exact location where their chairs had been set up. After waiting for a passing thunderstorm to end, I set it out to find it. Within 15 minutes it was in my beach scoop. I  gave Delilah, who was already headed back home to Missouri, a call as soon as I was back  in my car and we both shed a few happy tears. It was just a simple sterling silver claddagh ring – not monetarily worth much. What I didn’t know until after I had  recovered it, was that it had belonged to her great grandmother and had been passed down to each first born daughter on their 16th birthday. I’m happy to say that, hopefully, it can continue to be passed down to the next first born daughter ! As always – reward refused because karma and seeing happy smiles is always the best reward !

Lost Diamond earring – Dauphin Island, AL

  • from Mobile (Alabama, United States)


I got a message from Roberta one evening about a gold and diamond earring she lost in the sand on Dauphin Island. In talking to her, she told me it was lost on the biggest beach area there – one where I dread looking for lost items because it’s soooo big with very few landmarks. Fortunately, she was smart enough to stick a big stick where she felt it come off, so I felt pretty good about going down to look.

It wasn’t five minutes into the hunt and the third target before her earring was shining in my scoop and soon back in her ear ! As always, reward declined ….. karma works for me. 




Another lost ring found ! Dauphin Island, Alabama

  • from Mobile (Alabama, United States)

I saw a post this morning on our local beach page – someone had also tagged my ringfinders page. I had to run a quick errand and then headed to Dauphin Island, Alabama to see if I could help out. Thankfully it was a smallish area – her husband had felt his wedding ring slip off his finger as he made a hand motion while standing on the porch. It only took a quick 15 minute hunt with my Equinox and 15” coil to retrieve the band from the sand where it fell last night. Success ! successful recovery !