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Lost ring – Dauphin Island, Alabama

Have I mentioned lately that jewelry recoveries are my favorite part of my metal detecting obsession ??

I saw a Facebook post yesterday evening by someone saying his buddy had lost a wedding band “somewhere between the pool and down by the beach”. It sounded like a long shot but I’m always up for a challenge ! I went down this morning and spoke with Ryan, who had lost the ring, and he wasn’t exactly sure where it had slipped off his finger. He walked me down to the water at one of my favorite detecting spots where, coincidentally,  I had just spent about 2 hours detecting yesterday. Ryan explained that he had waded out about waste deep and the sat in the water to watch the sunset Friday night. He was VERY sure about where he had put his bag down and waded out, but that was about it.

I waded in with not a whole lot of confidence…… more like a wing and a prayer. Ok, LOTS of prayer. I then quickly realized I had not brought my waterproof headphones, I didn’t have my long pants on and there was jellyfish and mucky water, and I had even forgotten to ask if the ring was silver, gold, tungsten or stainless. 😳 Ryan was busy at work at a nearby breakfast buffet so I didn’t want to go bother him again.

Much to my suprise, and probably even more to Ryan’s, it wasn’t 30 min later when I came walking back in to the restaurant holding his beautiful ring.  I had to scoop 4 fishing weights, 14 pull tabs, 2 bottle caps and a penny first, but there was no mistaking the sweet sound of that shallow gold signal when I hit it about 10 or so yards to the right of where he thought he had been, and just at the edge of how deep I could go in without my waterproof headphones.

As always, the generous reward offered was declined. Doing what I love and seeing the look on Ryan’s face was reward enough !