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Lost Wedding Ring Found at Solimar Beach Ventura

Early Sunday morning I got a text from a disappointed young man as his wife had lost her wedding ring somewhere between the dry sand and waste deep water at the beach. They had been searching for hours, got a metal detector but still had no luck getting it back. I needed a decent low tide so I agreed to get out there Monday morning at 5am to try and recover her ring.

I know the beach well and there’s very little slope right now so if it was there it was simply a matter of getting my coil over it as I was hoping It wasn’t too far out in the water which would require a minus tide to get to it. I had been searching a grid pattern for around 45 minutes with very few signals when I came across a nice sounding 28-29 on my new Equinox 900 and two scoops later I had this beauty in the fresh air.

If you have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry don’t hesitate and call or text me at 805-290-5009 so I can quickly make a plan to get your ring back to you. Time is not on our side as the elements and other folks may get to it first.

Lost Medic Alert Bracelet Found at Marina Beach Park Ventura

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I recently got out to look for a ring for a client at Marina Beach Park in Ventura after Hurricane Kay had blown through. I was hopeful that some sand had moved and I would be able to locate their ring. I got a target signal in the wash at the tide line and instead of a ring I scooped up a Medic Alert bracelet for an individual named Kellen with Diabetes. These bracelets are designed to talk for those who can’t when they are experiencing a potentially deadly medical episode. There was a name on the back so when I got home I decided to do some investigating to see if I could reunite it with it’s owner.

I began my search and I matched the name with both a Twitter and instagram account so I sent a DM to each and in 24 hours I got the response I had hoped for, I had found Kellen’s medic alert bracelet and I scheduled a time to meet up and return it to him. Jewelry is often purchased to display beauty and in this case it was as a life saving device and I was so glad to return it to Kellen. If you have lost an important item don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009 anytime because the time to search for it is now.

Lost engagement ring found at Rincon Beach Park Ventura by Ventura County Ringfinder

I got a text late last night from Ashley who had lost her engagement ring yesterday afternoon when a sneaker wave crashed their beach party and between the wave and the gathering of her stuff and moving it her 3 week old engagement ring was lost somewhere between the low and high tide line a 100 yards long and 20 yards wide! I searched the first logical location but the sand was quiet and I knew her ring wasn’t there. We decided I would follow her as she walked the 100 yards to where they ended up to see if it had been dropped along the way. I left a grid line with my scoop in case I needed to go back and we got to the spot where they went to regroup from the high tide and started to grid around it. About 3 minutes in I finally got a tone and it was clean and we had success in the scoop.

Needless to say we were both as excited as we could be because poor Ashley had been waiting 9 years for this ring and she deserved a better resolution than a lost engagement ring! Ashley did the right thing and got ahold of me as soon as she could and we didn’t have to fight the tides or other detectorists to recover her ring. I’m retired so I’m available at 805-290-5009 to hunt day or night to get you back your ring, bracelet, pendant, keys or even a phone.

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Ventura Beach

I got a call from Rigo this morning regarding his wife’s wedding ring. Rigo is a firefighter for Cal Fire and he was thankfully taking a break from fighting fires in the state and took his family on vacation to Ventura for some cooler weather and a little beach time. Unfortunately this great time was spoiled by an accidental dropping of his wife’s wedding ring out of her pocket where she had kept it for safe keeping. She had it in her pocket along with her phone and decided to take some pics of the kids and when she took it out the ring came out with the phone. The problem was she discovered the ring was missing after they had left the beach. I met Rigo at the location and he gave me an idea of where he thought they were and started to grid the area. A couple of passes later I got a nice solid tone on my equinox and had the ring in the scoop! Needless to say Rigo was super excited to get the ring back for his wife and also because they were all packed up in the car waiting for me to find it because they had to be back home that afternoon. They key thing is RIGO CALLED ME AS SOON AS HE COULD because time is the enemy of recovering your ring. If you have lost your ring, key’s, pendant or necklace call or text me(805-290-5009) as soon as you can so I can beat the tide or another would be detectorist. I hunt all areas of Ventura County and willtravel greater distances if necessary. Visit my website at 

Lost wedding ring found at Rincon Beach Ventura

I got a call recently from Arthur who had lost his platinum Tiffany’s wedding ring at Rincon Beach in North Ventura. He was in Hawaii at the time and explained that he had been at an outing with a group of friends at the beach and somehow his ring had come off when he was playing with his friends dog. Fortunately I was 30 minutes away but unfortunately he was unsure of exactly where it might have come off. Thankfully his friends had taken some photos and he was able to give me a starting spot.

I’ve found several rings for customers at Rincon Beach park but in addition to the rings I have found thousands of bottle caps because folks seem to like to drink here and then forget to take their trash home with them and finding the ring meant I was going to find a lot of bottle caps and I wasn’t let down as I had pocketed about 30 when i got a sweet low tone about 15 yards from where we started and in the scoop was his ring. A call and text later and we conformed it was Arthur’s and I told him I would keep it safe until he returned from Hawaii and we met up today and it was back on his finger and his story continued. While time is often of the essence sometimes we do get lucky and find things weeks after they were lost but don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009 and we can get your jewelry back.