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Lost Wedding Ring Found at Hollywood Beach Oxnard

I got a text early Sunday morning from Melissa who had lost her wedding ring the previous evening on Hollywood Beach in Oxnard. She and her husband were down from San Francisco on a quick weekend trip and were enjoying the sunset when they began to pack up and Melissa began to shake the sand off the towel and in addition to the sand she also shook off her wedding ring. They tried frantically to find it but rings get lost easily in the dry sand and this was no exception. I agreed to get out to the beach right away as we needed to beat the crowds that were sure to come due to the heat.

I got out and began making a grid line in the area she thought it had come off. We expanded the search grid and in a few minutes I got a sweet tone on my equinox 800 and down about 8-10 inches was her ring. It got buried so deep because in their search for it they had inadvertently piled sand on top of it. Needless to say Melissa was stoked that she wouldn’t be leaving anything behind on her way back to SF.

If you have lost a ring or other piece of jewelry do what Melissa did and reach out right away 24 hours a day to 805-290-5009 so I can get out there and recover your ring! Time is not on your side so we need to get out there ASAP as sand can move and also someone else may find it so call or text Ventura County’s Ringfinder Dave MacDonald.

Lost Wedding Ring Found at Oxnard Shores

I was in church Sunday morning when I got a call from Chris who was hanging out at the beach in Oxnard with his family when his wife had accidentally lost her wedding ring after applying sunscreen to their young son. Kids, sunscreen and the sand often spell doom for rings as they get set aside and then forgotten about and get lost in the shuffle. Thankfully they called me right away(@805-290-5009) and as soon as church was out I agreed to meet them in Oxnard at the beach. Once I was there we surveyed the area they were in and I began to grid it according to their thoughts on where they were when the ring may have been lost. There was plenty of trash in the sand in the form of bottlecaps so I cleaned those out while looking for the right tone for a ladies white gold wedding ring. After moving to another location I quickly got a sweet solid tone and 9 on my Minelab Equinox 800 and three scoops later we had the wedding ring back and what started as a great day at the beach for Chris and his family would end that way as well. If you ever find yourself at the beach, the river, the lake, your front or backyard or at a park and you’ve lost your ring call me as soon as possible so I can get to finding it at 805-290-5009 or text me if that is more convenient.