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Lost gold wedding ring Carpinteria found

Today started out busy as I was almost getting on the freeway to head home from a ring recovery and I got a phone call from Stuart about his lost white gold wedding band that he had lost yesterday in the sand at Rincon Beach in Carpinteria. It was a beautiful sunny day for a birthday party and dad was playing in the sand with the kids digging and moving sand and low and behold he discovered his ring was missing! Stuart found a metal detector and proceeded to try and recover his ring but to the untrained ear a random metal detector sounds like R2D2 so he found me and gave me a call.

We got down to the beach and he showed me the grid he had been working and I began to work outside it to kind of work my way in. I got a great tone but it was deep and it took three scoops to get it out and we had a bingo! Gold ring in the scoop!

Stuart was pretty pumped for sure and was amazed how different my experience with a metal detector than his was. If you’ve lost a ring, pendant or even a buried stash of cash in the yard don’t hesitate to call me at 805-290-5009 so we can get your stuff back!