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Lost Promise Ring found and returned at Oxnard Beach Park

I got a text late Monday evening from Kaitlyn who wanted to see if I could help her and her boyfriend find a promise ring that had been lost in the surf/wet sand at Oxnard Beach. I agreed to go out early Tuesday morning to take advantage of the low tide and based on their recollection of location, find the lost ring. I spent 3 hours gridding the area given to me and didn’t find the ring. I informed Kaitlyn and she agreed that if her boyfriend Flavio could meet me out at the beach we would have a better chance of finding the ring.

I met Flavio early Wednesday morning and we returned to approximately the same area I had searched the day before. Some more sand had moved so it was worth re-gridding the area. After a couple of hours we expanded the area again but still came up empty. I decided to move to the opposite of where it was thought to have been lost and searched the slope area and again nothing. The only place left to hunt was the high tide line and I began to move slowly through the area when I got a decent high tone on my XP Deus 2 and after a couple of shakes of the scoop I had the ring!

Flavio was clear on the other side and hadn’t seen me dig the ring so I gave him a surprise when I presented the ring back to him. Sometimes the item isn’t where you think it should be which is why you need someone willing to work to bring your ring back so like Kaitlyn,  you need to call or text right away at 805-290-5009 so I can immediately begin to work at recovering your jewelry.

Lost diamond ring Oxnard shores Hollywood Beach found!

I got an early call for service today from Cayce who had unfortunately lost her beautiful diamond ring somewhere in the sand at Hollywood Beach in Oxnard yesterday while hanging out with her friends. She wasn’t sure exactly where she might have lost it but distinctly remembered a beer can in the area that had been left behind and was still fortunately there. I broke out my Minelab Equinox and my scoop and got to work. A few minutes in and I got a nice tone, dug in the scoop and we got a bingo! Diamond ring in the scoop! Needless to say everyone was happy as this was an heirloom ring that had been in her husbands family for years prior.

If you lose a ring, a pendant or any type of jewelry or buried stash of coins please don’t hesitate to call Dave Mac Donald at 805-290-5009. Time is usually of the essence so call right away.