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Lost gold wedding ring Carpinteria found

Today started out busy as I was almost getting on the freeway to head home from a ring recovery and I got a phone call from Stuart about his lost white gold wedding band that he had lost yesterday in the sand at Rincon Beach in Carpinteria. It was a beautiful sunny day for a birthday party and dad was playing in the sand with the kids digging and moving sand and low and behold he discovered his ring was missing! Stuart found a metal detector and proceeded to try and recover his ring but to the untrained ear a random metal detector sounds like R2D2 so he found me and gave me a call.

We got down to the beach and he showed me the grid he had been working and I began to work outside it to kind of work my way in. I got a great tone but it was deep and it took three scoops to get it out and we had a bingo! Gold ring in the scoop!

Stuart was pretty pumped for sure and was amazed how different my experience with a metal detector than his was. If you’ve lost a ring, pendant or even a buried stash of cash in the yard don’t hesitate to call me at 805-290-5009 so we can get your stuff back!

Lost gold ring Carpinteria State beach Found!

After church I got a phone call from a nice young lady who was having a terrible weekend. While camping at Carpinteria State Beach for the Avocado festival she had somehow lost the ring her mom had given her. Ironically her mom had given her this ring to help combat some of the bad luck she had been having lately. To add insult to injury the people camping next to her had backed into her Honda Civic on their way out crushing her left rear quarter panel! So we had our work cut out for ourselves when we got there. Since it’s a beach camping spot there were nails, bottle caps and about .70 cents in the sand. We had been hunting for it for about 20 minutes when I got a mid tone 57 on my new XP Deus in amongst the iceplant and sand so I dug it up and BINGO! WE GOT GOLD IN THE SCOOP!

Here’s the aftermath

Amrit and all her family were pumped and we were too as it’s always exciting when you can help someone. In the event you have lost a ring call Ventura County Metal detecting Services at 805-290-5009 as soon as you can because time is not on your side when it comes to finding your precious jewelry.