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Ring lost in the surf at Imperial Beach FOUND!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

While scanning the local Craig’s List lost and found, I see an ad asking if anyone had found this particular ring in Imperial Beach, and if so, to contact Cat. I emailed back that if she would like someone to search for it, to give a try. I offered my services and agreed to meet her father Bob down at the location early the next morning to take advantage of the low tide, as Cat lived in Las Vegas and had already returned home. It had been lost a few days earlier, at low tide, and in 4 feet of water. (figures huh?) I had my doubts that it could be found this particular morning because the tide was actually a bit higher than when she lost it, but, I wanted to see the search area and give it a try anyway. The sooner you search, the better the odds of a successful recovery. I figured I would probably have to plan a return trip at a huge minus tide to get out far enough to be in the search area but that wasn’t going to happen in the near future. This was going to be the lowest tide until the end of the month, so, it was now or wait.

Bob gave me directions to where he thought Cat lost the ring and I started a grid with my Excalibur just north of that point and worked my way south to where the rest of the family had camped in the dry sand. I made about six 100 foot passes from slope to chest deep in the surf when I got a strong signal at my deepest point before heading back toward shore. The 3-4 foot surf was roughing me up a bit and making it hard to scoop, but, after my 3rd try, the target was in my scoop. After sifting out the sand, A unique looking ring, that matched their description, was in my hand. I couldn’t believe it! I guess it was either lost in shallower water than she thought, or, the surf may have moved it in a bit before being buried. A call back to Bob, who lived close by, and he was there in a flash. We texted and called Cat with photos which made her day. Another satisfying recovery in less than ideal conditions. Great to meet you Bob and to talk to you Cat. May your ring have more stories to tell!

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Ring Lost at Fiesta Island Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Christen called me with the typical tale of woe. Her husband, of a little over a month, had removed his ring to apply skin lotion and placed the ring in the beach chair pocket for safekeeping. They prepare to leave, chair gets folded up, ring ends up in sand. Since they didn’t notice it missing until they got home, the trick was figuring out just exactly where it was lost. After searching and retracing their steps as best they could, they went to the internet for help. Maybe rent a detector? Wait a minute, spend $60 to rent one and I still need to learn how to use it? Let’s go to plan B, getting someone with experience who has better equipment than the average rental detector. This is where I came in. I met Christen at the parking area and walked with her over to where they had been camped the previous day. She remembered being between two landmarks, so, that’s where I started my search. After my gridding the area for a little while, and finding lots of pull tabs, I was right about midway between the two landmarks. Good signal, scooped and found the ring. Good job getting me in the correct spot! Let the ring story continue! It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the reward.

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Wedding ring Found in Ocean Beach

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

David and his wife were working in a community garden and after the planting was done, David realized his wedding ring was gone! What to do? The internet comes to the rescue. They found me through my Craig’s list ad and called me for help. Once I got to the search area, I realized I was going to have to use the small coil and turn down the sensitivity as there was a lot of mesh metal fencing all over the garden. We were able to move some of them but some were permanent, so, I’d just have to make do. Working backward from when he discovered the ring missing to when he started, I started my search with my trusty E-trac. After about 10-15 minutes, I got a nice 12-17 next to one of the freshly installed plants. About 2 inches down was his ring. Since his wife had a matching one, we were able to confirm it was his and return him to the world of married men again! Pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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Lost ring at Coronado dog beach Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I ran across a Craig’s list ad in the lost and found section that told of a lost wedding ring at the dog beach in Coronado. I emailed Lisa back about service and that I would be willing to look for it if they wished me to. A series of e-mails later, arrangements were made to meet at the beach at a low tide on Saturday morning. That beach gets detected almost daily, so. I just hoped the ring was still there, especially with an active Craig’s list ad.

I arrived early to beat the traffic and find a parking spot easier. I started detecting the beach but I didn’t know the search area yet, so, I just made my best guess on the most popular area. After detecting for a while and finding some targets (a good sign), Lisa’s husband, Olivier, and their son showed up to direct me to where they had been several days earlier when the ring was lost…the other end of the beach, of course! Olivier and son had been playing ball at the water’s edge when Olivier’s ring flew off. I had them give me the dimensions of the search area which ended up being about 80′ squared of wet and dry sand. I started at the middle of one edge of the square and proceeded to cut the square in half and work my way toward the edges. 10′ into my first pass, I had my first target, his ring, and it was in my scoop! They couldn’t believe it and thought I must be some kind of magician! A happy Olivier had his ring back so it can continue it’s story. Thank you for the reward.

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FOUND! Wedding ring at La Jolla Shores Beach San Diego

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

         When I got home on Monday evening, a message was waiting patiently on my recorder. It seems Jeremy’s wedding ring slipped off his finger while at the beach with his wife and child…..the same beach I was at the day before! On Sunday, I found a ring, necklace w/pendant, and an earring at the same beach and area where he lost his the following day! What? is there some sort of jewelry black hole on that beach??

        He was fairly sure of the area in which it was lost and since I was also familiar with that particular beach, We were able to narrow the search area quite a bit just talking on the phone. I felt confident enough that I would be able to hunt for the ring on my own since he had to work the next day and couldn’t be on hand to show me where the X spot was.

         I arrived early the next morning and headed for the search area. There were dozens of surfers out in the waves and dozens more walkers strolling down the beach on the wet hard packed sand at the waters’ edge but only one group of people in the dry sand. Naturally, they were right in the middle of ground zero! You could look a mile in each direction and not see a soul but they chose that particular spot to do their palates or yoga or whatever it was they were doing. They probably thought I was some kind of nut or pervert invading their space when I had the whole beach to do my thing but little did they know what was under their mats.

      I started hunting as far away from them as possible and still be in the probable search area and after a half hour or so they had finished and moved off to enjoy the rest of their day. I finished the area they had coveted and not finding Jeremy’s ring yet, worked my way south another 20 feet or so when it screamed at me to get it out of the sand. Ring and finger have been reunited and another smile generated. My work was done. I gotta keep these Coast Guard guys happy…..never know when I might need THEIR help!