FOUND! Wedding ring at La Jolla Shores Beach San Diego

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

         When I got home on Monday evening, a message was waiting patiently on my recorder. It seems Jeremy’s wedding ring slipped off his finger while at the beach with his wife and child…..the same beach I was at the day before! On Sunday, I found a ring, necklace w/pendant, and an earring at the same beach and area where he lost his the following day! What? is there some sort of jewelry black hole on that beach??

        He was fairly sure of the area in which it was lost and since I was also familiar with that particular beach, We were able to narrow the search area quite a bit just talking on the phone. I felt confident enough that I would be able to hunt for the ring on my own since he had to work the next day and couldn’t be on hand to show me where the X spot was.

         I arrived early the next morning and headed for the search area. There were dozens of surfers out in the waves and dozens more walkers strolling down the beach on the wet hard packed sand at the waters’ edge but only one group of people in the dry sand. Naturally, they were right in the middle of ground zero! You could look a mile in each direction and not see a soul but they chose that particular spot to do their palates or yoga or whatever it was they were doing. They probably thought I was some kind of nut or pervert invading their space when I had the whole beach to do my thing but little did they know what was under their mats.

      I started hunting as far away from them as possible and still be in the probable search area and after a half hour or so they had finished and moved off to enjoy the rest of their day. I finished the area they had coveted and not finding Jeremy’s ring yet, worked my way south another 20 feet or so when it screamed at me to get it out of the sand. Ring and finger have been reunited and another smile generated. My work was done. I gotta keep these Coast Guard guys happy…..never know when I might need THEIR help!

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  1. Thank you so much Mark! We are so glad we got a hold of you You saved the day! Thank you thank you thank you!

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