Lost ring at Coronado dog beach Found!

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I ran across a Craig’s list ad in the lost and found section that told of a lost wedding ring at the dog beach in Coronado. I emailed Lisa back about TheRingFinders.com service and that I would be willing to look for it if they wished me to. A series of e-mails later, arrangements were made to meet at the beach at a low tide on Saturday morning. That beach gets detected almost daily, so. I just hoped the ring was still there, especially with an active Craig’s list ad.

I arrived early to beat the traffic and find a parking spot easier. I started detecting the beach but I didn’t know the search area yet, so, I just made my best guess on the most popular area. After detecting for a while and finding some targets (a good sign), Lisa’s husband, Olivier, and their son showed up to direct me to where they had been several days earlier when the ring was lost…the other end of the beach, of course! Olivier and son had been playing ball at the water’s edge when Olivier’s ring flew off. I had them give me the dimensions of the search area which ended up being about 80′ squared of wet and dry sand. I started at the middle of one edge of the square and proceeded to cut the square in half and work my way toward the edges. 10′ into my first pass, I had my first target, his ring, and it was in my scoop! They couldn’t believe it and thought I must be some kind of magician! A happy Olivier had his ring back so it can continue it’s story. Thank you for the reward.

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2 Replies to “Lost ring at Coronado dog beach Found!”

  1. olivier says:

    Thanks Mark, that was amazing. So blessed to have met you.
    thank you so much again!

  2. Curtis Cox says:

    Nice Work! Other Detectorist must of missed that ring for 6 days,especially after 4th of July.!! Good Job

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