Gold Wedding Ring found at Bolsa Chica State Beach

I received a call around 7:15 tonight from Daniele that he lost his ring at the beach. It would be dark in about an hour so I hurried to meet him there. He had a good idea of where he had lost it. He had taken his ring off his ring finger and placed it on his pinky finger while at his car. He was carrying a bag as he walked to the sand when the ring slipped off. Daniele was searching for the ring when someone at the next fire pit over recommended he call The Ring Finders. After a 45 minute grid search I was able to find his ring. During the search I also found a 14k gold earring.

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  1. Natalie moser says:

    Hi 🙂 I lost my engagement ring many years ago (probably around 6-7) near the pier in Huntington Beach. Its possible I lost it earlier that day (I was doing a photo shoot at multiple locations.) the other location is near where the senior center now sits in what used to be a field. It was a platinum ring with three diamonds. I just saw a post of yours on Facebook and figured it wouldn’t hurt to post here inquiring if you might have found it. Thanks!

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