Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kailua Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from a lady who said her friend’s husband from Bountiful, Utah lost his wedding ring on Kailua Beach. I told her that ring finder Don lived in that area but she said he wasn’t available. The day was getting short so I told her to stay near her phone and that google maps said I could be there in 28 minutes. Sure enough when I arrived they were waiting for me on the side of the road closest to the beach access point. I was introduced to Steve and his lovely and funny wife Hope. We trekked down to the beach and Steve drew a box in the sand where he thought the ring should be. He had placed his ring on a beach chair along with some other items and when he picked up the chair to leave it must have fallen out. I started the hunt in one corner of the grid and worked towards the road. First target was a piece of foil. The next target was a booming 20 on the Nox and on the second scoop there was Steve’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band in the scoop. Someone must have stepped on it as it was several inches under the sand. Hope & Steve were elated and very thankful. Vacation saved! Aloha to Hope & Steve!

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