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Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Lucia had been on the beach for the day with her husband and son. The guys were swimming when the high tide waves began to get close to their beach towels and chairs. Lucia had to quickly relocate everything by herself. After moving she looked into her purse and could see that the small plastic invisaligner case was open and empty. That was where she had put her platinum and diamond wedding ring. The invisaligner was laying on the wet sand but the ring was gone.
Her husband Frank got on his smart phone to search for metal detectors I the Newport / Balboa beach area. He found my contact information online in website. It was less than a half hour that I was on the beach meeting them. A few minutes after Lucia pointed out where she had been, I was able to find her beautiful platinum and diamond ring. It was an easy find but if they waited one more day, it would have been in the Beach King sand cleaning machine.. I’m retired living very close to most Southern California beaches. I can usually get to any of them within an hour.
It was a pleasure meeting and helping Lucia and Frank. Also a bonus for them that their wedding ring was only hiding in the sand for less that two hours.imageimage