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Platinum Ring Lost in Surf .. Corona DelMar, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Matt and Kristy were enjoying a day at the Corona Delmar Beach. They have just moved into the area from Georgia. The surf today was very rough and probably much more violent than they are used to on the east coast. Matt waded out into the surf to his waist then dove under the incoming wave. After getting beat up by the wave he realized his Tiffany Platinum wedding ring was missing.
They spent the next two or three hours trying to find the ring as the tide was receding with no success. Returning home Kristy went to the computer finding my contact information on I was at another beach a few miles away. After a few questions, I was able to determine that the loss occurred at peak high tide. That’s a good thing, but by the time I got the call the tide was rising again. I told them the most important thing was that we meet so I can get an approximate location. It may require that I wait till tomorrow’s low tide.
We met in the parking lot 20 minutes after our phone conversation. Matt had a pair of dive goggles read to do some searching of his own. I almost didn’t take my detector to the water because the tide was quite high. As a second thought I grabbed my CTX 3030 detector and my long handled sand scoop walking to get the location. The waves were really powerful with a strong back wash which could be a disadvantage when trying to retrieve a target. Otherwise that means when digging a target it is possible to lose it in a violent wave.
I wasn’t very positive about this attempt but I walked straight out to give it a try. Matt was at my side when I got my first signal. He got very excited as I told him, this beach has a lot of aluminum trash don’t get excited. It took probably 5 scoops to dig this between several waves. I’m beginning to believe in miracles because in the scoop was Matt’s Platinum ring.
The beach was crowded in the water and on the sand. They all were watching as I walked into the water with all my gear. When the find was made I held my detector and scoop up over my head in a victory salute.. Applause and cheers from everyone made me feel like a rock star. This was another awesome adventure and again I was just as surprised as everyone. Another RingFinders success story that will someday be a household name when people need help finding lost heirlooms.

Ring Recovered Saturday, 10-10-15   Equipment used Minelab CTX3030 and Stavr sand scoop