Lost Wedding Band in Grant, Alabama…FOUND by Huntsville Ring Finder!

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On Thursday (May 30th, 2024), I received a call from Chase stating he lost his tungsten wedding band on Monday, which was his 2-year wedding anniversary.  He had taken the ring off and put it in his pocket while doing the dishes.  Afterwards, he put 2 sets of keys in his pocket and went outside.  He took out one set of keys in front of his RV, and then took out the other set in-front of his car.  He later remembered the ring in his pocket, but it was gone.  We were both available on Sunday, so we planned a search for that morning.

I met Chase and his wife, Lindsey, at their home in Grant, Alabama around 9am on Sunday, June 2nd.  I had Chase show me where he was standing when he took out both sets of keys.  Not a huge area, but enough grass to easily hide a heavy tungsten ring.  I started searching at the first spot in front of the RV.  I didn’t receive any good ring like targets, so I moved to the second spot.  Soon after, I had a nice repeatable ring tone and could just barely see Chase’s wedding band!  I called Chase and Lindsey over to see if they could spot it, but it was hard to see amongst the grass.  Needless to say, Chase was very happy to have his wedding ring back!

We took some photos and chatted for a few minutes before my drive back to Huntsville.  Really nice meeting these folks and always happy to help!  I thank God the Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the successful recovery and safe travels.  Until the next adventure… please take care and God bless!

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