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Lost engagement ring found at Rincon Beach Park Ventura by Ventura County Ringfinder

I got a text late last night from Ashley who had lost her engagement ring yesterday afternoon when a sneaker wave crashed their beach party and between the wave and the gathering of her stuff and moving it her 3 week old engagement ring was lost somewhere between the low and high tide line a 100 yards long and 20 yards wide! I searched the first logical location but the sand was quiet and I knew her ring wasn’t there. We decided I would follow her as she walked the 100 yards to where they ended up to see if it had been dropped along the way. I left a grid line with my scoop in case I needed to go back and we got to the spot where they went to regroup from the high tide and started to grid around it. About 3 minutes in I finally got a tone and it was clean and we had success in the scoop.

Needless to say we were both as excited as we could be because poor Ashley had been waiting 9 years for this ring and she deserved a better resolution than a lost engagement ring! Ashley did the right thing and got ahold of me as soon as she could and we didn’t have to fight the tides or other detectorists to recover her ring. I’m retired so I’m available at 805-290-5009 to hunt day or night to get you back your ring, bracelet, pendant, keys or even a phone.