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Lost Medic Alert Bracelet Found at Marina Beach Park Ventura

  • from Oxnard (California, United States)

I recently got out to look for a ring for a client at Marina Beach Park in Ventura after Hurricane Kay had blown through. I was hopeful that some sand had moved and I would be able to locate their ring. I got a target signal in the wash at the tide line and instead of a ring I scooped up a Medic Alert bracelet for an individual named Kellen with Diabetes. These bracelets are designed to talk for those who can’t when they are experiencing a potentially deadly medical episode. There was a name on the back so when I got home I decided to do some investigating to see if I could reunite it with it’s owner.

I began my search and I matched the name with both a Twitter and instagram account so I sent a DM to each and in 24 hours I got the response I had hoped for, I had found Kellen’s medic alert bracelet and I scheduled a time to meet up and return it to him. Jewelry is often purchased to display beauty and in this case it was as a life saving device and I was so glad to return it to Kellen. If you have lost an important item don’t hesitate to call or text me at 805-290-5009 anytime because the time to search for it is now.