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Military dog tag returned to Highlands Ranch Family

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)
On january 12 I was asked to look for a military dog tag that belonged to a young man named Jordan. It was his grandfather’s dog tag from when he was in Vietnam, unfortunately Jordon’s grandfather passed away this past September. The dog tag was lost the previous weekend either playing football or possibly while sledding. I arrived at their house a little before 9:00 AM and we talked about their efforts to recover the dog tag. Jordan and his family had spent several hours searching the neighbor’s yard in search the mis-placed dog tag with no luck. The neighbors who own the house where the football game occurred also spent several hours searching the yard as well. After nearly an hour of searching my hands were beginning to get numb from the cool temps and the windy conditions, I spotted the dog tag just as my coil passed over it. Jordan and his family were very happy to get this family heirloom back. Mary, Jordan’s mother, commented that she was surprised as to the diligence of my search. I reassured her that when I get asked to search for an item I treat that search as though it is the most important search I will ever conduct.
Dog tag recovered January 12, 2014
Jordan happy to get his grandfathers military dog tag back.

Jordan happy to get his grandfathers military dog tag back.