Lost Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring in Lancaster, OH “FOUND”.

from Newark (Ohio, United States)
Contact: 1-740-334-7293

I received a call from a guy on New Years Day about a lost White Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring. The ring was lost in the snow during the night before. I showed up a couple of hours later to search for the missing engagement ring. After asking more questions, I found out that the ring was thrown. I searched in the freezing temperatures in 3 inches of snow for a hour and a half with no luck.

A week later he wanted me to come back out and try again. Since the snow was mostly gone and more grass was visible. About a hour later of searching there was the ring laying on the grass beside the melting snow. I am very happy that the ring was found. He recently bought the ring for her and I wish them a happy engagement.










Lost Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring in Lancaster, OH “FOUND”.










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