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Lost Diamond Ring Tri-City Port Moody…Found

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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My morning started with an early phone call for help to find a lost diamond ring. The young lady said that she lost it the day before and had been back to look for it three times, she even went out at midnight with a flashlight to see if she could see the sparkling diamonds in the grass.  Metal Detectorists will know that grass is very similar to sand and the ring can hide very quickly, that being said, gold is heavy and will work its way down into the grass and it was a good thing because when I got there in the morning they had just finished cutting the grass.

Olivia showed me the area where she had put her blanket down and enjoy the nice day in the park with her two twin boys. She was visiting with one of her friends and they were doing the social distancing and when I got there she shows me where her friends’ towel was and showed me where she was sitting. We were very hopeful the ring may have ended up close to where she would’ve picked up the tower. Unfortunately no such luck, we extended our search towards a bench where she noticed one of your friends and went with her baby carriage to talk to them for a while. Then she carried on along the grass to a walkway where she walked all the way back to her car, about 10 minutes away.

I doubled back to the first location as I wanted to really extend that area for the what-if factory. When we went back she showed me again where she was sitting but this time it was in a completely different area, she lined up with a tree that she had remembered from the day before. It really pays to ask questions and go back for a second look as it only took me a minute to find her beautiful ring. I was pleasantly surprised when I parted the grass and saw this beautiful ring looking back up at me, I was able to surprise her on camera.










I asked Olivia how she found me on TheRingFinders directory and she told me she posted the story of her Lost Ring on a Facebook page in Port Moody. So many people reached out and one person told her about TheRingFinders directory and to call me. People of Port Moody were so supportive! We were there for only 30 minutes and at least six people reached out to her to wish her luck while we were there searching for her ring,  she had no idea who they were, they read about it on FaceBook. Some came out to help look.


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I love my job!

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Lost & Found Diamond Ring in Surrey, BC…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Today I received a call from a young man who asked if I could help his wife find her lost ring at her parent’s place. After asking a couple of questions I learned that she possibly lost it while she was pulling weeds and gardening. I excepted the challenge and set out to meet the young lady at her parent’s house. When I arrived I was greeted by Jatinder and her brother and daughter, we discussed the search and headed to the backyard where there was a high probability of the ring being lost there because that’s where she did most of the yard work.

The story behind this ring was it was Jatinder’s late brothers ring and as you can imagine could never be replaced. Like I’ve always said, every ring has an amazing story attached to it and that story ends when the ring is lost, my job is to find that ring and help continue that story.

After searching the backyard we moved to the front yard where she did some light yard work, still no ring. We had discussed earlier that there was a great chance the ring could be in the green bin with all the weeds that she had thrown away and was going to be ready for pick up in a couple of days. Thankfully we did that because after dumping the green bin and searching it, I saw her beautiful diamond ring in the weeds.

It was such a relief for all of us, I was confident if I couldn’t find it today it would’ve shown up in her home as she was self quarantining for weeks and never went anywhere. I often wonder how many people don’t even know they lost their ring and it ends up in the green bin ready for pick up and lost forever.











The highlights of my day were finding the ring & her mothers home-cooked lunch/Indian food that was so amazing. We did discuss the COVID-19 and kept our distance and she assured me that her parents had not left their home for a very long time.

It was an honor to find your brothers ring for you, and thanks again for the amazing lunch and kind reward!!!

You can watch the video of the search below…I love my job!!!


Lost Diamond Ring in Surrey BC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Today I was at the beach Metal Detecting and I was about to pack it in after about 5 1/2 hours when I got a phone call from a young man who asked if I can come help find his girlfriend’s ring that fell out of the window. When I got to my car I called Gary to get his address and head over to his place to take a look for the ring.

When I arrived I was met by Gary, we discussed the area where the ring was lost, the grass was short in some places and long in other places, enough to hide a ring for sure. Gary showed me the area where he said he saw the ring fling out of the window while shaking a shirt.

I had my Whites PI Pro with me and after only a few minutes of searching, while Gary’s girlfriend was watching from up above, I was able to locate the ring. The last two searches are making up for the 8-hour soccer field search Beverley and I did a few videos back.

For me it’s the excitement of the search and the thrill of the recovery! To see how you can make a stranger feel by finding what they thought was lost forever.










I love my job! I get to make people smile! You can watch the video of the search below.


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Lost & Found Rings Vancouver, BC.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I woke up to an email today from a young lady who said she lost her grandmother’s ring that was gifted to her from her mother. I saw the email came in around 11:30 PM last night, I emailed her back at 6 AM asking if she could call me as soon as she got up. I know it’s very important to act quickly due to the fact it was lost as a local park.

I received a call from the young lady at 8:07 AM and we arrange to meet at the park after she did a search herself for the ring. Twenty minutes later she phoned me back to ask for my help, Beverley and I loaded the car with our detectors and headed out to the park in Vancouver about 40 minutes away. When we got there we met Chloe and she showed us the areas she believe the ring may have come off her finger, even though she found it to be quite odd as the ring fit tightly. We asked Chloe to take the cones and put out a grid for us to search in.

Beverley and I started at the far end of our grid and work towards each other, within a couple of minutes I got a nice loud signal so I bent down with my pin pointer and saw her gorgeous ring. Because of the coronavirus I have to figure out a way to surprise people on my video now because we are not allowed to get close to someone, it’s hard to get the true reactions of the find. I will work on this and make it better as time goes on, so thanks for your patience.










Chloe Beverley and myself were very happy to see the ring back where it belongs, her grandmother doesn’t even have to know that her granddaughter lost it. The best part of what we do is seeing the smiles it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old everyone’s ring has a beautiful story attached to it and we are so happy to be able to continue that story for Chloe.

” Challenge” Sharing is Caring, please tell your friends to tell their friends on social media about with your help, imagine the Smiles we can find.


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Lost Ring Chilliwack, BC…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Some searches are just harder than others, especially when the person doesn’t know exactly where the ring came out of their pocket. The other thing that makes this search difficult is it was lost on a fairly large field, a soccer field… After talking to Marco and hearing his story about where his ring may have come out of his pocket, I knew I would have to search the whole field. I brought in the heavy guns, my wife Beverley, it sure helps to have an extra detector when searching such a large area like a soccer field. It comes down to a game of inches and after six hours the first day and no luck finding the ring, I knew I had to come back for round two.  I talked to Marco and asked him to look around his house and check his car as he didn’t realize the ring was missing till the next day, after he was playing at the field with his son.

Marco called and said he couldn’t find the ring anywhere so my wife and I came back to do our second search of the field. The first search was an east-west grid search of the area. On our second day on the field we did a north-south grid search, this time it only took two hours to find the ring! Beverley and I were so happy to be able to find this beautiful ring for this young man, we knew he’d be very very happy to see it again. Beverley and I both said it was one of the most beautiful rings we’ve ever recovered for someone.









I have the best job in the world, I get to make people smile! And in this day and age with all the bad news out there, it’s a good thing to smile.

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TheRingFinders Metal Detecting Service.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I just wanted to share a video compilation (part 2) of peoples reactions when I find their lost rings. This will give the public an idea of what this metal detecting service means to people. TheRingFinders Directory has over 450 members worldwide doing exactly what I do…Finding peoples lost rings & smiles. 6300 recoveries & counting!

A big thank you to all the members of TheRingFinders for doing what you do for others…Giving people a second chance to find what they thought was lost forever! Please be careful out there during these uncertain times,  remember the rings will still be there after this world gets better.

Happy Hunting to everyone hope you enjoy the video.



Lost Diamond Ring in Chilliwack BC, found in snow.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received a text message late last night saying that a lady had lost her diamond ring in the snow and was wondering if I could help her find it. I text her back right away and asked if she could call me, the next morning at 8 AM I got the call. We talked about the search and much like my last 4 unsuccessful searches she didn’t know when the ring came off her finger. The other thing was that she was wearing gloves. I asked if she remembered taking the gloves off and she remembered two places the gloves came off. I asked where she lived and it was far…1 1/2 hour drive each way. We arrange a meeting for 10:30 am and the roads were good.

When I got there I asked the young lady where she took her glasses off and we decided to search the closest to her home where her son had to go to the washroom. Her and her husband had taken a tiger torch and melted the snow around that area…It only took a few minutes before I got a great signal, I move the snow and saw a beautiful diamond ring! I love my job, I love helping people find what they thought was lost forever. I was just as happy as she was when I saw that ring, if I hadn’t found it, it would’ve been a very long sad drive home.










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Lost Gold Wedding Band at English Bay Beach, Vancouver…Found!

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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First Day of the Year and First Gold ring of the Year…Most of my recoveries start with a call followed with a location but this was different. It was Jan.1st 2020 and I went to English Bay beach after the Polar Bear swim where I waited for dark to start my search of the beach.

I started detecting the beach where just hours before there were thousands of people diving into the cold water to bring in the new year. I saw another detectorist (Steve) nice young man out detecting, we talked for a bit and continued on our way.

I’ve searched many years after the polar bear swim and I hardly find enough to buy a coffee and have never found gold after this event. That changed today, I found a beautiful 18 kt gold wedding band with 3 small diamonds. What a great feeling to see that in my scoop and I had a great feeling that I would find the owner as there was the wedding date and name in this ring.

When I got home I posted it on the Craigs List and when I woke up the next morning I had 4 bogus emails & text messages in regards to the ring…All scams! Then another hunter contacted me with a number of someone who had lost a ring that matched mine. I contacted the man and he called me back a few hours later with the exact details of the ring!

As most of you know I get joy out of returning these cherished keepsakes back to their owners and what a great young man I met today, as you can imagine he was very happy!













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How to find a lost diamond ring with a metal detector in Maple Ridge, BC.

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

It’s not the first time I’ve said this and it won’t be the last…People get mad! It happens more than you thing and rings go flying!

i got call from a young man who told me the story about how he got mad at his fiancé and asked for the ring back…Big mistake! She threw the ring towards the ditch and as far as he could tell it went into the ditch. People get mad and things happen! Then remorse sets in….!

This young man spent the later part of the day and most of the night in the ditch looking for the ring. He couldn’t find it as it was raining and every rain drop looked like a diamond. He had to head out of town for work and he text his girl that he found the ring so that she wouldn’t worry.

Then he got online and found me on TheRingFinders and called me. After hearing the story I told him that I could go out later that day to look for the ring if he was comfortable and trusted me without him being there. He said yes please go out and look and sent me the address with pictures.

I found the ring in the ditch within minutes! I love my job! I love knowing that I can help. The smile is mine as not many people want their picture taken and story told…We are all human! We get mad, it happens!









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How to find a lost diamond stud earring…

from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I got a call the other day in regards to searching and hopefully finding a lost diamond stud earring in a back yard. When I get these calls they make me nervous because there is so very little gold holding the diamond and that makes it very difficult to locate these targets. It was a nice sunny day and I headed out to the location where I met the young man and his family. He showed me the area where he believed the earring came off his ear and I started my search…Note this was a tough search because of a few factors. Firstly there was a high-power electrical lines in the back yard and that drives a detector bonkers. Secondly there was a lot of target signals making it difficult to zero in on the small target. Thirdly the whole family was watching…Under pressure!  I used two detectors for this search and the Equinox 800 gave me a VDI number of 1-3 the only problem was the amount of targets and if it was sitting beside a higher number it would be hard to find. After around 5 hours I packed it up, but I didn’t give up because he was sure it was lost in the yard.

I went back the next day but not before I did a pit stop at SMI Electronics where I went and bought another Garrett Carrot/pin pointer as my old one was starting to give up/crap out. I thought about how I would do the grid search the next day and my gut told me to use the pin pointer and grid search the area he felt the earring come off…I had success within 5 minutes of the search…Luck was on my side! It always makes me feel good to find what I’m looking for and to see the smiles…This picture was the young man’s auntie as he was back in school today.












I love my job! I get to make people smile!

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