Low tide hunt... Kayakers wedding ring found!

  • from Seattle (Washington, United States)


Last week, a kayaker lost his wedding ring after slipping and falling into the bay while launching at the shoreline during low tide. After he and some others tried searching for it this week with no success, I hit the beach this weekend to try my best to reunite him with with his precious ring.

Good information is key to a successful hunt, and I asked him to get some satellite photos where he was, and circle the place he thought it could be. I headed to the beach before I got any answer, and searched anyway. I did my best to guess based on other factors, where I thought it could be.

I hunted for some time before I realized I missed the email, and he had sent me info and pictures that were key to finding it.

He wrote: “I will say another ring finder did a search of the area on Thursday and was unable to find anything. The tide at this beach is enormous. Probably 80ish feet of beach disappears at high tide. Looks like low tide is at 3:48pm this afternoon, if you do still want to look. I will attach some images that may help. The image with the green kayak at the shoreline is where I slipped and it must have come off my finger. But the tide could have taken it anywhere. The big tree stump doesn’t seem to move as well as the flat and curved driftwood I highlight in the image. I was between these two landmarks circled in red at the shoreline where you can see the other kayak in the background. The ring is made of palladium by the way, a member of the platinum family. The tide was somewhere around midway between high and low when I fell in. It will be much further out, as you will see, at 3:48 than it was in this photo.”

He also provided me with a crucial picture that he had taken that day. In it you can see the area he launched from, and some static landmarks.

After hunting another 45 mins or so, I FOUND IT!

Remember, time is of the essence when it comes to finding your precious belongings! Don’t give up hope, and give me a call or email me please! I want to help you find your rings, and your smiles!

Good info was the key!

Lowtide success!

Saved from Elliot Bay!


4 Replies to “Low tide hunt… Kayakers wedding ring found!”

  1. John hughes says:

    Great job. We always team up on water hunts. If one guy doesnt find it, then the other goes and grids. Has worked so many times. If ur off one foot might as well be one mile.
    Cheers 😎

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m very happy for Jerod’s recovery! Great job Jason. A lot of good karma going on for sure unfortunately I didn’t have a second person working the beach with me on the fist attempt. However as we all know its a game of inches, and in the end a recovery was realized! Whoooo hoooo!


  3. Jason Anderson says:

    Thanks you guys! I heard that you had looked, Jeff! Sometime we should chat… I’d be interested in hearing about your ring searches and if you ever need some help on a big area, maybe I can assist!

  4. Amy Chase says:

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