24 Karat 44 gm Gold nugget found Kendall Miami Florida.

  • from North Miami Beach (Florida, United States)

I got a call to find a 24 Karat 44 gm gold nugget.  It was used in a contest  . The contest was to find the gold nugget in any of the 6  .. 1 ton  burlap bags of dirt. Unfortunately the client couldn’t find  the nugget in the 1 ton burlap bag they knew it to be in after no contestants could find it . So I went to the commercial location where the nugget was at and attempted to find it with my metal detector. but the nails in the pallet interfered and also the writing on the bags interfered. So the client had to take it to a different site so we could dump all the dirt out. once we could dump the dirt out it was found very quickly