Wedding band found in grass parking strip - Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Adam lost his white gold wedding band one night while walking to a friends house after a night of festivities at one of the local “watering holes”. Due to the amount of libations consumed the true path to the residence was not know for sure. Best guesses as to locations of stopping points to try to rid himself of severe hiccups seemed to be the likely spots of the rings disappearance. The search area could have been several blocks worth of grass strips within the public right of way. But with the information that I had in hand I began my search in what seemed to me the most likely of all the spots. I started my search in a grass strip that Adam had searched on his hands and knees for several hours. Within 10 mintues of search time the ring had reappeard under my search coil. I called Adam who was doing a visual search in one of the alleyways near by. He was a very happy man to get his ring back.

Ring recover June 29, 2010.