Lost White Gold Wedding Band...2nd Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I just got home from the United States where I was helping one of our members from The Ring Finders on a big search that I will be writing about soon.

As I was getting close to home I received a call from a young man who had just lost his white gold wedding band. It was lost at 3rd beach at Stanley Park, Vancouver.

After talking to Mike, the young man who lost his ring, we decided to meet at 2 AM at low tide so that he could show me the area where his ring was lost.

I think he was surprised that I wanted to meet him at such a time but the only chance we had was at low tide.

So when I met Mike he showed me the area the ring was lost at, the water was waste deep and he felt that I was in the right area.

He told me that the ring was made from his wife’s great grandmother’s rings and that it could never be replaced.

Mike stayed for 45 minutes then he said he was getting tired and would wait to hear from me in the morning to weather or not I found his ring.

Less then 15 minutes after Mike left for home I got a good signal, I scooped the sand and there in my scoop was his white gold wedding band…

I called him right away as I knew that he’d still be up and he was very happy to get the news!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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