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Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Found in Ft. Collins Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a call from Tim saying he had lost his gold wedding ring. He said that he was on his 2nd floor balcony and while shaking snow from his hands his ring came off. Tim said that he heard it hit the concrete floor once then did not hear it again. We arranged for me to come over the next morning to begin the recovery search. Tim said he would not be able to be there but his wife would be home.

The next morning when I arrived I was greeted by his wife Niccole who explained the situation and pointed out the likely search area. She said they had purchased a metal detector but could not find the ring because of all of the false     ” beeping and noises it was making”.  It was in a grassy area between two apartment buildings, snow covered with a lot of sprinklers and underground electrical services. After two trash targets we hit a solid repeatable signal reading 15 on the visual display and at a surface depth. Niccole had the pin pointer and in a short time had the ring in her hand and a big smile on her face. I took a picture of the ring and sent it to Tim. He called me excited that we had been successful because they both thought the ring was lost forever. We said goodbye and Niccole said that she would share The Ring Finders site with family and friends. I headed to my 2nd recovery for the day.


Wedding Ring Found in snow at CSU in Ft. Collins, Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a call from Michael saying that he had lost his gold wedding ring the day before while walking through the Colorado State University Campus in Ft. Collins, Colorado and asked if I could help. We agreed to meet the following day at 10:00 am. When I arrived a few minutes early Michael was already on site. We said hello and began to discuss the circumstances surrounding the lost ring. The weather was very cold at about 20 degrees with a foot of snow and ice on the ground on the day the ring was lost. Michael said he walks with a spring in his step and swings his arms. He stated that he felt the ring slip to the tip of his finger on the forward swing but did not get his hand closed on the back swing in time to save the ring. He had marked the spot in the snow with his boot. On the CSU student blog Michael found someone who had a metal detector that came to help with no luck. He also had a few volunteers come out with strainers to sift through the snow with no success.

After a few minutes of talking I began by turning on my detector and tuning out all the surrounding electrical interference, most of which was coming from transformers about 25 feet to the South. We hit a few signals that turned out to be trash. Not surprising since we were searching along a sidewalk on a busy street. Then we hit a target with a strong repeatable signal. My detector visual display was reading a steady 17, a good gold number, and telling me that the target was not buried but was on the surface. Michael had the pin pointer so I asked him to begin to search a 5 inch round area. The pin pointer was sounding off but we could not see the ring so I told Michael to move some of the snow, ice and leaves. He did that and the pin pointer stopped beeping. I said “well you have moved the target and that’s a good sign that it’s on top”. I relocated the target with my detector and after checking again with the pin pointer Michael exclaimed ” There it is. there it is. I thought I would never see it again”. He jumped to his feet, stepped forward and hugged me and we high 5 ‘d each other smiling like a couple of kids. He took out his phone, took a picture and sent it to his wife. We walked to my truck to stow my gear. He thanked me many times telling me how much the ring meant to him. We parted ways both sure we had a great day.






Car & House Keys Lost & Found At Branksome Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

David & family were on holiday in Bournemouth having driven down from their home in Swindon. One evening David visited Branksome beach & buried his car keys in the sand for safe keeping whilst he took a swim. After his swim & returning to his car it was there he remembered where he’d left the keys. Trouble was… he couldn’t remember the spot. Fortunately he had some spares sent to him so that he wasn’t without transport.

When I received Davids call he explained he was there for only another day or two. We met the very next morning before I went to work & after half an hour searching, things were looking ‘concerning’. However just outside the proposed area the jagged signal of keys were heard & up they come!

David was very relieved to get the keys back. Anyone who has lost house & car keys before know the extortionate cost & aggravation to replace them! He has made a kind donation to the Margret Green Animal Sanctuary.


Georgetown, Ontario~Lost house/car/mail box keys in the snow prepping snow blower!

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

2017-12-26 Georgetown, Ontario

I received a phone call on Boxing Day from a couple from Georgetown a community about 20 minutes south of me.

Overnight there was a really nice snowfall. The husband proceeded out to the back garden shed to start up the snowblower for the first time this winter. He didn’t realize that he had the set of keys (house/mailbox/car/car starter) in an unzipped coat pocket. He went to go move the vehicle and couldn’t find his keys. Both husband and wife looked all over the driveway and yard and turned the house upside down. They felt the keys were lost in the snow.

I headed down within the hour, asked some questions and decided to start in the back in front of the garden shed where the husband pulled out the snow blower. He said he had a hard time starting the snow blower.

Both decided to go back into the home to get warm. Within 5 minutes I found the set of located.

They were very happy not to have to waste the money to replace all the keys not to mention what could of happened if an undesirable found them..

Couple lost keys in snow

Lost Keys Found in Spokane WA

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

So I got an email notification about a comment on my rent a metal detector blog post. When I read the comment, it was from a man name Cameron. He had the lovely task of digging out his cars that were buried in snow. While he was moving the snow around, a friendly man came by with a plow and helped him clear his drive way. Little did Cameron know that when he was putting some chains on his wife’s car his keys had fallen out. Like wise the friendly man who was plowing didn’t know he was pushing around Cameron’s keys. So for five days Cameron and his wife tried to find these keys. Cameron borrowed two metal detectors, he watch a ton of metal detecting videos, and then found The Ring Finders. When I got to Cameron’s house I started searching where Cameron and his wife had not shoveled or sifted the snow. After not finding the keys anywhere around his house I was told by Cameron to look by this truck where the friendly man with a plow had  made his first pile of snow. In that pile was Cameron’s keys,  just a shovels throw away from a five foot tall pile of snow that him and his wife had sifted through. Its a miracle that they were not destroyed by the plow.

the lost keys

Lost Rental Car Keys .. Huntington State Beach, CA. .. Found in Dumpster

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I had a call from Jason in Huntington State Beach. He believed it should be an easy search as he could get me to the exact location where He and his family had spent their day. They are visiting from Georgia. This was a rental car and the rental car company could not find a spare key. It was going to be an expensive and time consuming process to fix this problem.
The call came just as I was finishing my first attempt to find (4) rings lost in the sand 3 miles away, near the Balboa Pier. It would be a few hours till the beach at the pier would clear of people to give me the opportunity to do a proper grid search. The lady that lost her rings had given up hope, thinking that somebody on the beach had found them first. I did return and found the rings after searching for the keys.
I met Jason at Huntington State Beach near lifeguard tower #7. After searching the first area, he showed me his path to the car. That was a much larger location, but I started a grid. He walked back to the restrooms where he spotted a guy in a dumpster collecting recyclable cans. Then he remembered tossing garbage in the same trash dumpster. He asked the guy to see if there might be car keys in the bottom of the dumpster. Yes! Jason’s car keys lying in amongst the trash.
Well, I didn’t find the keys, but I did eliminate the areas where they could have been hiding. Also, the timing of our search happen to coincide with the man that had been dumpster diving..
Jason did reward the guy, who said he would be happy for something to help him buy dinner. I was also given a gratuity which is greatly appreciated.


chicago area ring and jewelry recovery

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)

I have five years experience recovering rings,

jewelry,  keys and other valuables on private and public property. I am an Illinois PERC card holder and FBI background checked.  I am an art painter and sculptor, knife sharpener,and a military trained dog trainer and Handler. I sell roofing, siding, windows and other home improvements. I charge only $35 for gas and the first hours search within a half hours drive.  Call Rudy 708 415 20140919_1526241577