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Lost Wedding Ring Found and Returned on Madeira Beach, Florida

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Lost Wedding Ring Found and Returned on Maderia Beach. Florida

Jon, down from Michigan with his extended family for a warm spring break at Maderia Beach, headed out to the beach for a little game of catch. He was close to the waters edge and lunged to catch a pass and “BOOM” his wedding ring flew off and into the water. The whole family (I think he said there were 30 of them) searched and searched but could not find it. He then got the idea to rent a mental detector. When he told the shop owner about the problem, the owner sent him to Ring Finders. He contacted SRARC and we soon scheduled a hunt for the next morning at 7:00 am. Jim and Gerri Adams, Paul Hill and Mike Miller showed up and Jon was there waiting for them on the dark and foggy beach in front of his condo. He gave us the story and defined the hunt area for us and we went to work. Ten minutes later, Paul Hill got a good hit and in a few digs up came the ring. Jon was overjoyed and we were soon introduced to a few of his family members. There were plenty of smiles to go around with Jon and family and now their vacation can continue on a good note. The SRARC group wishes them all the best.

Paul Hill, Master Hunter three years in a row did it again. Congratulations Paul and thanks Jim, Gerri and Mike for helping out.



Reddington Beach Florida Wedding Ring Returned

Joe and his family were enjoying a hot 4th of July on Arrington Beach tossing around a frisbee.  When Joe was getting out of the water he noticed his ring was missing.  Joe’s wife contacted SRARC ring finders for help.  A few days later when the tide and weather cooperated, Stan Flack and Jim Adams arrived to try and find the ring on Joe’s description of where he thinks it was lost.  An hour into the hunt Stan came up with the ring.  Joe was amazed it could be found and very Happy.

stan Joe StanJoe