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Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Shell Island, Florida

Gold and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Shell Island, Florida

Shah’s daughter, son-in-law and their three children came down to St Petersburg for a visit and the whole family decided to go out to Shell Island for the afternoon. A close friend with a boat joined them and they all got on board and headed for the island. As soon as they arrived the kids were in the water. Grandfather Shah joined them and was playing with them in the shallow water. In an instant he felt his wedding ring come off. He didn’t move and sifted through the sand searching for his ring. The whole family joined in the search but after about an hour they gave up hope. They tried to forget the loss and enjoy the rest of the afternoon but as soon as they returned home Shah’s daughter began an internet search to try and rent a metal detector. The Ring Finders blog for SRARC popped up and she called Mike to see if SRARC could help. Mike arranged a hunt for the next day. The team met at the boat ramp by the Don Cesar and were soon back out to where the ring was lost. The family had marked the area where the ring had been lost very well so within a few minutes Chris had a nice hit and soon the ring was in his scoop. The family was amazed that we had found it and Shah was overjoyed. The smiles on their faces made the day for Chris and Mike. Nice recovery Chris!!!!!!!



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