Don CeSar Resort Platinum Ring with Solitaire Diamond Recovery

SRARC received a call from Shadd Young asking for help finding his wife’s platinum and diamond ring. It had been lost it in the water behind the Don Cesar Resort while catching a football just before sundown on April 5th. Shadd told Tom Jones that he could meet him at the beach any time so Tom called Mike Miller and they decided to try and do a hunt as soon as possible. They met Shadd late morning and hunted the area as deep as they could until the high tide forced them to stop. At that time they decided to organize a hunt later that evening when the tide was low.

At 6:00 pm Tom Jones and Mike Miller met up with Paul Hill, Rick Magyar and Ed Osmar to hunt the area that could not be hunted earlier. After 40 minutes of battling the afternoon sea-breeze surf the ring was found. The group called Shadd and informed him to come and pick up his wife’s custom made ring.

He showed up and could not believe that they actually got the ring back and praised the group for the “Noble Thing That They Do”.

Now he, his wife and daughter can go back home to Denver with big smiles and great memories of their trip to Florida.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great going team SRARC! Always nice to see the smiles you find!

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