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Multiple Pieces of Stolen Jewelry…Recovered!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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The story behind this recovery in some ways is very similar to that which I perform on a somewhat routine basis.  However, In some ways this was much different and took much more patience and thought.

At a little past 11am on the 10th of May, I was out metal detecting with my soon to be 5 year old son.  We had just pulled out our machines a Vanquish 540 (my sons) and my equinox to start a little park hunt.  He had dug his first target, a rusty nail.  I was just about to put my headphones on when I received a text message and then, a voice message.  It was a call for help stating that the previous Saturday there had been a home invasion where the thief took jewelry and ran, dropping the jewelry as the alarm went off.  They had recovered some of the jewelry from their yard but requested that I come help to locate any and all of the fallen jewelry I could.  And with that, we packed up our gear and headed 30 minutes south to assist.

In was now midday and getting warm when we arrived at the residence, a large and beautiful home on a hillside.  The owners met with us and thanked us for such a quick response.  They showed us the rear full height window that had been smashed and where some of the stolen jewelry had been recovered leading to the fence in the back of the large backyard.  The task was to search the opposing side of the fence which was a large parcel of open space on a hillside.  I was not sure if it had been a blessing or a curse, but only a day or two prior the city had mowed a 50 foot swath of defensible space  right up to the fence line.  The search was now on!

It did not take long to get my first hit, a silver cuff-link, and my next, a gold cuff-link.  And then, a very colorful sandal pendant with multiple gemstones. Most of the pieces were being recovered at the corner of the property line which was likely to be the location the thief jumped the fence.  I called this my “anchor point”.  7 pieces of jewelry were recovered from this area.  I searched the area until no other pieces or targets (there was a lot of trash there too) could be found.  I then established a grid and worked outward from my anchor.  Prior to the search the homeowner  had mentioned a gold bangle bracelet encrusted with gemstones that had been visible prior to the weed abatement operation.  As I spread out and expanded my grid, that was the next piece I recovered buried in the recently mowed weeds.  It was slightly damaged and quite a bit away from the spot it had been previously seen.  My guess was it had fallen prey to the mower, but I used a landscaping flag to mark the location it had been found and retrieved the beautiful piece.

All of this happened within the first 30 minutes of our busy search, and then… nothing!!!  The next 30 minutes of grid search only revealed trash and not much of that either.  And then, bang!!! A beautiful yellow gold and diamond encrusted earring.  A sight for sore eyes and our first new lead in the direction that the thief may have went.  Again, the piece was marked with a flag and recovered.

For the next hour, I worked the grid, expanded the grid, worked the grid, expanded the grid, but no new pieces could be located and the trail had gone cold.  It was now two hours of searching in the fully exposed sun with no new direction and seemingly acres of open space covered in tall dry grass.  The operation was shut down.

In all, we managed to recover and flag 9 pieces of jewelry, some of which were sure to be very valuable.  The beautiful bangle bracelet turned out to be very sentimental, a wedding gift from the brides mother-in-law on her wedding day and was the highlight of our operation.  Our client seemed to be very thankful for our efforts and we had indeed MADE THE RECOVERY!!!

8 of 9 Pieces recovered from the thief’s escape route.

The beautiful gold bangle bracelet with gemstones.

1 of 9 pieces recovered from the open space field.

The last and furthest piece located!

All smiles for a great recovery!

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Lost Gold Heirloom Ring…Recovered in Danville, CA

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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I was contacted by Andrea and her family in Danville, CA.  Her father was wearing his fathers gold heirloom ring while performing work on a sump pump at their home.  Later that evening it was realized that the rather large ring was missing and over the next few days they would search high and low for the ring.  They had even purchased a metal detector to aid in their search.

Their best search they performed was online for help when they stumbled upon THERINGFINDERS.COM website.  My information was found and they contacted me on Wednesday.  After a brief conversation about their situation, I agreed to come have a look the next afternoon.

We searched a few possible locations including the pump house area, the backyard, and a few places within the home.  The ring had not been found and as a last ditch effort we decided to search the family vehicles he had driven that day.  The first two vehicles produced no new results, but when Andrea opened the car door for the third and final vehicle, she immediately recognized the ring resting between the seat and the door right below the seat adjustment controls.  We had made the recovery!!!

You could tell that this ring was extremely important to the family, a connection to their families past and a reminder of the man who once wore the ring.  I was glad to play even the smallest of parts extending the story behind the item and assisting a kind and appreciative family!

A happy client with his fathers heirloom gold ring!

A rather large gold heirloom ring that once belonged to his father.

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