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Lost 14K Diamond Wedding Band…Found at Baker Beach!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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Luis and I walked down the beach and into the tidal zone.  He stuck a stick in the sand and said, “I was standing right here.  I threw the football in that direction and felt the ring come off.  I saw it in my peripheral vision for a brief moment, then it was gone!” And so the search was on!

Three days earlier the event took place and he had made a number of attempts to find his 14K white gold ring with inset diamonds.  He even posted a Lost and Found ad on Craigslist to seek out help.  It was at this time I got involved by sending him a link to THERINGFINDERS.COM site and offering up assistance. Up until then, the only correspondence had been through an email and a few short text messages.  He later admitted to being a bit skeptical that the ring could be recovered.  I, however, was packed and ready for the hour long trip to the coast knowing that the next day a storm would hit the area decreasing the chances of a positive outcome.  Having a meeting for work and little confidence that the ring could be located, Luis text me to call off the search effort.  I text him back.  “Don’t give up just yet…unless someone else found it, it is still there!”

Those words changed the course of the search and breathed new energy into Luis.  We spoke for a few minutes on the phone and we were back on track to meet up an hour later that evening.

We set up a grid of the area just in front of the placed stick.  I worked East-West from the shore to the water first.  I armed Luis with a pin-pointer and he meticulously scanned the area directly in front of the stick. I had completed the grid and decided to turn and work North-South while also expanding the grid.  I was less than 12 feet to the right of the stick Luis had placed.  This was the area that the ring should have been, but had not been discovered on the East-West grid.  I got a perfect signal about 6 to 8 inches down.  A perfect 10 VDI for the Nox 800 in Beach 1.  Moments later Luis and I were giving each other a high-five…  We had MADE THE RECOVERY!

It was almost sunset, the wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping.  The moments after the recovery were exciting and it was beautiful at the beach.  We talked and celebrated a bit before returning to the car to head home.

Luis had done a number of things that contributed to a successful recovery.  When the ring came off, he didn’t immediately panic.  He and his friend took notice of their surroundings and Luis, after 3 days, was able to put me less than 12 feet from the ring despite an enormous beach. The other thing that was critical was to seek help.  Luis has stated several times that the right equipment in the right hands was the recipe for success.  Thank you Luis for trusting in me and my process.  It was great to meet you and I wish you the very best in the future!

Luis moments after the recovery!

The ring back in it’s correct place.

The custom 14K white gold band with inset diamonds

A beautiful setting for the recovery!

Working the Grid in front of the placed stick!

A happy couple with both their custom matching rings!

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Beautiful Gold Ring with Diamonds Lost at Baker Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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Mishkin admitted to me at the end of this story that she doubted that we would find and recover her ring lost the previous evening at Baker Beach in California.  I’m excited to share this story for a number of reasons. First, for it’s success as always. Second, because it’s kind of a beautiful tale. Lastly…this marked my 25 ring recovery!  This was a milestone that I had set for myself earlier this year, one that at the time seemed far off and yet feels amazing to achieve.  I’m a year and 6 months into my membership with THERINGFINDERS.COM team and I have really enjoyed my experiences helping people like Mishkin…Let’s get back to her story…

It starts with a sunset marriage proposal on Baker Beach in the shadows of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s a very high point in the story. However the story takes a tragic turn when a ring Mishkin is wearing on her hand is removed to make way for a new engagement ring. It somehow falls, and in an instant is swallowed up by the sandy beach.  The excitement of the proposal now is stained by the loss of another cherished ring.  The couple attempts to locate the ring but is forced to leave it behind.

The next morning, while sailing the high seas on a pirate ship in an exciting game of make-believe with my boys, Mishkin contacted me to ask for help.  The request was made to meet the couple back at Baker Beach at 5pm.  Our pretend treasure hunt and “Privateering” venture would materialize into something real later that evening.  There was no way I was going out on this call without my crew!

We met Mishkin at 5pm in the parking lot and made our decent down to the beach.  In the midst of leftover rose pedals and flowers from the prior evening, the couple assisted me in setting out some cones to establish some initial boundaries for the search zone.  I began working a grid pattern while the couple, working together, reestablished some of their previously set boundaries. I stopped and asked if they thought that the new area was a more likely location, to which they answered “yes”.  And indeed they were right, on my second line in the new grid…WE MADE THE RECOVERY!!!

The couple was in disbelief when I walked up to ask if this was what they were looking for with the ring in hand. Disbelief turned to excitement! That is when Miskin admitted that she had doubted the success of the search and had explained that later that night she would be on a plane back to the East Coast. I had no idea how dire the situation must have felt to her until that point.  I, on the other hand, was full of confidence and anticipation knowing that this would mark my 25th ring recovery and I would be accomplishing a goal set earlier in the year almost 3 months early.

As always, thank you Mishkin for allowing me to take part in this beautiful story.  I wish you both a very happy future!

The missing ring.

The happy couple.

Obligatory detector shot.

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