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14K Gold Heirloom Ring lost at UC Campus…FOUND!!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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It was late afternoon Saturday that I received a message regarding a lost 14K gold ring lost on the UC Berkeley campus.  At my earliest convenience I contacted Mike back to get the scoop.  He had already found a metal detector to purchase and was on his way back to the scene of the missing ring.  I was happy to give him a few pointers on metal detecting and bid him well wishes.  I told him to let me know if he wasn’t successful and I could head that direction either that evening, or early the next afternoon.

Later that evening I got another text regarding the missing ring.  A request was made for a search the following day.  To this end, I was glad to assist.

The following morning I had T-ball with two of my boys, but afterwards we picked up some snacks and headed to Berkeley for a treasure hunt, picnic, and some romping around the park.  We met Michael and he briefed me on the events leading up to the missing ring.

While taking a break from his Masters degree he met up at the park with friends for a meal.  Mike had removed the ring to clean his hands and rested the ring on his leg.  Moments later, he got up and the ring dropped away into the tall grass.  After having no success with friends locating the ring, another friend located THERINGFINDERS.COM website and hence my contact information.  His back up plan was to locate a metal detector for sale and come back to find the ring himself.  He was fast to find one and was back searching quickly.  He admitted that nerves and frustration set in quickly with all the nobs and noises the machine was making, as well as not quickly locating the ring.

I gave him 4 cones to define the perimeter of the search zone which was quiet small and we got started with the grid search. I can attest that the ground was quite noisy with targets.  I informed him that the ring would indeed be on the surface and ring in between 14 and 20 on my Equinox.

Less than 5 minutes into our search I got a beautiful signal that came up as an 18 VDI.  I told Michael we had his ring before we ever set eyes on it, an sure enough…”we made the recovery!”

Mike gave me a huge hug and was extremely relieved to have the ring back.  Thank you Mike, it was a great way to spend my afternoon and I wish you all the best in your future.

The boys and I stayed on and picnicked in the park and climbed some trees… It was a beautiful day!

14K Gold Heirloom Ring

A relieved Michael with ring back where it belongs.

The ring peeking through the tall grass after discovery.

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Lost Mens 14K White Gold Wedding Band, FOUND!!! Danville, CA

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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It was a Black Monday for the company and I was engulfed in an imaginative build-out of Duplo Legos with my boys.  The weather was worsening and it was only a matter of time before rain returned the the Bay Area.  I received a message from Leanne in Danville.  Her husbands wedding band had flown off of his hand in the side yard while preparing for the next round of storms to hit.  Help would be requested!

I enthusiastically called Leanne back and within 30 minutes, I was headed down the 680 towards the days search.  It was my hope to quickly get in and get out before the deluge began and I knew that with the information provided from the couple, this could be the case…they knew it was there and we just had to locate it.

Upon arrival, I met Michael in the drive.  He quickly filled me in of the events that had occurred the evening before and the search that ensued. After a lack of success, but not without effort, the couple sought out additional resources.  A family member sent them my information, hence my presence.

I started to grid the hillside where Michael believed the ring had flown off.  He helped by moving debris and pruning back dormant bushes to make way for the coil of my machine.  We found a lot on the surface, first a razor blade, a bottle cap, aluminum cans, a fastener, a AA battery, but not the 14K white gold band that we sought. About 30 minutes or so into the hunt, success!!!  We had made the recovery!!!

The couple was surprised and excited to have this sentimental ring back and there were smiles all around. The clouds opened up and the rain fell from the sky, I like to think they were tears of joy for my first ring recovery of 2023!  Happy New Years!!!

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Lost Diamond Studded Nose Ring…Found in the East Bay!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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On 9-14-2022 at approximately 9 pm, I was contacted by an individual looking for someone to search his vehicle for a lost diamond studded nose ring.  The individual knew that he had misplaced the item within his vehicle but was unable to recover the item on his own.

It was another 4 days before our schedules aligned to perform the search using a video endoscope.  I searched, unsuccessfully, for quite a while and was about to call it off, but opted to question the individual one last time.

An important new detail was revealed in that he had thought that he put the nose ring in the drivers side door pocket.  He and I had both performed an inspection of this pocket by touch and nothing was in the pocket.  In the name of being extremely thorough, I scanned the pocket with the video endoscope and found that the door pocket itself was made up of two pieces and that there was a small crease between the two plastic door moldings.

The other thing we noticed was a strong shimmer of light reflecting back out of that crease, but how to retrieve it?

I popped the plastic door panel away from the door and out of the corner of my eye, sighted the tiniest of objects fall to the pavement. I never imagined how small it would be, but after a good hard search and just before the skies opened up with a heavy deluge…We made the recovery!!!

This call to service reinforced the fact that continuous questioning can often times lead to new and unexpected recollections that can ultimately make or break the success of one of these searches.

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The recovery that started it all: Lost diamond engagement ring lost in Milpitas, CA…Found!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

I had seen the call for help go out over one of my many metal detecting groups.  When I offered my assistance I didn’t think I’d have the opportunity and thus went about packing for my Mount Diablo overnight with my boys and some friends.

When another md’ing friend asked if I was still available and that another of our piers had searched but had no luck, I again offered my assistance, packed some gear, and off I went.

The client took me to the 5th floor balcony from which the ring was lost and we observed the location from above.  After moving back down to ground level it was revealed that two rings went over the edge and one had been recovered that night from the planter bed.  Now, knowing that a searcher had previously swung over the area, I knew that if we were going to find it, it was going to be found within one of the many plants and bushes in the planter bed.

I offered the client the opportunity to assist by using a Garret pin-pointer to start probing the area including the foliage.  I did the same, and within 20 minutes or so, an ecstatic client exclaimed, “I’ve found it!”  It was indeed within one of the plants of the planter bed.  The stoke was high on both our parts and he requested “Can I give you a hug?” To which I replied “of course.”

The successful search and recovery sparked really good vibes that carried me throughout the weekend. This would serve as my first search as a member of The Ring Finders team and…we made the recovery!!!


Lost Engagement Ring In Fairfield, CA…Found!!!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

After receiving a call from an obviously disappointed individual who had lost her engagement ring, I made my way out to Fairfield to conduct a search.

The family had spent numerous hours previously looking for the lost ring with little luck.

When I arrived the individual explained the circumstances and sequences of events that led to the somewhat mysterious disappearance.

I searched a good amount of time and was almost at the point of conceding when…

there it was!!!  We made the recovery!!!

Testimonial for Brendon Chapman via text message:

“I would recommend Brendon to anyone in the CA Bay Area who needs help finding lost precious jewelry such as wedding and engagement rings.  He is prompt in responding, empathetic, and sincere.”  “Thanks again. And g’luck in future findings.”