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Lost Gold Heirloom Ring…Recovered in Danville, CA

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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I was contacted by Andrea and her family in Danville, CA.  Her father was wearing his fathers gold heirloom ring while performing work on a sump pump at their home.  Later that evening it was realized that the rather large ring was missing and over the next few days they would search high and low for the ring.  They had even purchased a metal detector to aid in their search.

Their best search they performed was online for help when they stumbled upon THERINGFINDERS.COM website.  My information was found and they contacted me on Wednesday.  After a brief conversation about their situation, I agreed to come have a look the next afternoon.

We searched a few possible locations including the pump house area, the backyard, and a few places within the home.  The ring had not been found and as a last ditch effort we decided to search the family vehicles he had driven that day.  The first two vehicles produced no new results, but when Andrea opened the car door for the third and final vehicle, she immediately recognized the ring resting between the seat and the door right below the seat adjustment controls.  We had made the recovery!!!

You could tell that this ring was extremely important to the family, a connection to their families past and a reminder of the man who once wore the ring.  I was glad to play even the smallest of parts extending the story behind the item and assisting a kind and appreciative family!

A happy client with his fathers heirloom gold ring!

A rather large gold heirloom ring that once belonged to his father.

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Cochlear Hearing Aid Falls From 6th Floor UW Dorm Balcony

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost Cochlear hearing aid from the sixth floor balcony!

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May 2022 Maren contacted me asking if I could do a search for her lost cochlear hearing aid. She explained to me that she was visiting some friends at the University of WA dorms. There were out on the sixth floor balcony dancing around. Maren got a bit too aggressive and one of her magnetic cochlear hearing aids flew off, fell to the balcony deck and rolled off the edge. Her cochlear hearing aid then took a six story free fall to the bushes below. Maren and her friends immediately went to the ground level and searched the best they could with no success.  They even went to the local hardware store and bought a large magnet and twine. They went back up to the sixth floor balcony lowering the magnet down in an attempt to fish the cochlear hearing aid out of the bushes. This only resulted in the magnet getting snagged in some ivy vines causing them the loss of their new magnet. At this point feeling devastated one of Maren’s friends decided to do a online search for “metal detectors near you” and found TheRingFinders.com She thought surely they should be able to find a hearing aid.

It was early evening when the call came through. It had only been lost for a few hours but for what ever reason the bluetooth tracking feature between her lost cochlear hearing aid and her mobile app were not connecting. There was a concern that maybe the unit was damage on impact of they just didn’t get close enough to the unit for it to be detected by the app. With evening soon approaching dark clouds were forming indicating light rains could occur at any moment. Maren shared her concerns that her desperately needed hearing aid was now at risk of water damage. So an emergency call out was under way to search for her lost Cochlear hearing aid. Even if the unit had taken some damage she could still take to her audiologist for service.     

Watch this episode of The Seattle Ring Hunter Lost Item Recovery to see what condition we found Maren’s lost Cochlear hearing aid in after a six story free fall. Never give up hope…

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