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Gold Ring Lost In Wilmington, NC Backyard Found

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Mike was spending time in his backyard with his dogs and went to spread some clumped pine straw from his landscaping.  He felt his gold wedding band slip off and go flying somewhere behind him.  He and his family tried to find the lost ring and found it difficult.  Mike found Crystal Coast Ring Finders using an online search and I made plans to meet him when our schedules permitted.

Upon arrival, Mike led me to the area he was standing and the suspected area he expected the ring to be found.  Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a single good signal until I was near his metal fence. I attempted to search the fence area with my pinpointer and still no luck finding the hidden ring.  As I expanded the search area, and near a bird feeder post, I got a very strong signal.  Mike’s ring actually flew off behind and to his left and not directly behind him with the pine straw.  He was very happy to have the ring he has worn for 34 years back on his finger.  He also told me it was the first time he lost it.

Silver Celtic Ring found in Oconto farmhouse yard

  • from Green Bay (Wisconsin, United States)

What was lost, has been found!

I forgot to post this one, so apologize for the delay!     Cousin Jeanie lost her Celtic silver ring in our aunt’s front yard the previous year while she was visiting and playing with her collie.     Working from the porch to the driveway, then further and further into the lawn, after about 30 minutes,  I finally heard a ring signal loud and clear!   The ring had  sunk barely beneath the surface, showing a slightly round indentation barely visible to the naked eye.  I scooped it out with the tip of my Italian steel digger, and it was back on her finger in no time!

Gold Necklace Cape Cod, MA Found in Debris Can and Returned

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

I had been called for help to search for a lost item, the location was a so far away and as I had not seen a detecting friend for almost a month due to “social distancing”. I ask Leighton to join in on the search. He agreed so off we went. The search was unsuccessful, but hope was that the ring had gone down the swimming pool’s drain and we would return with more gear and an underwater camera to continue the search. On our way home from the search Leighton received a message from an old friend about his mother’s lost gold necklace. Leighton made a few calls, got a name, address and more information about the chain. We were now on the way to help find Nadine’s chain. The chain had been her father’s and she has worn it as a bracelet since her father’s passing. It had Great Sentimental Value, one lost item that needed to be found and return.

Upon arriving at the address, we had to wait on Nadine’s grand entrance. Never have we been greeted by such a big bucket loader, one that Parker on Gold Rush would be proud to play with in his search for gold. Nadine was in the family’s new “toy”. A toy that I really hoped we would not need to move dirt around while looking for the necklace.

The area to search was small, and we had finished searching it in just a few minutes with no results. A barrel of clippings was nearby and beckoned to be dumped and searched. Now, knowing a chain is a difficult target for any metal detector to respond to, I was listening for any small signal. Two non-productive signal were examined and then one I heard a signal I just could not ignore. I did not visually see the chain, but my handheld pinpionter was surely telling a metal object was there. A push with the pin-pointer to move clippings around…there it was, the glint of gold.

The next happenings were hugs and Thank Yous, disregarding “Social Distancing” were in order. Corvid-19 would not dare to invade moments that just happen when such a sentimental item is found and returned. Photos and more Thank You words followed before Leighton and I were on our way home where we will wait for the next call requesting a metal detectorist’s help.

Platinum wedding band found in Erie, Colorado yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

David was out doing some yard work, back filling around a retaining wall and raking leaves, when he lost his platinum wedding bad. He rented a metal detector from a local store in an attempt to recover his ring. But like most novice detectorists, he didn’t have the necessary skills to find the ring.
David found my profile on The Ring Finders and called me for assistance. We set Thursday morning for my search. Upon my arrival David showed me around the yard and explained what he was doing that day. He then showed me the three bags of leaves that he collected the day his ring went missing. While looking over the bags he explained how used his hands to sweep the leaves into the bags.
David then left me to do my search while he ran to do some business. I grabbed my CTX and began my search starting with the bags of leaves. There were no signals in the bags of leaves so then began to search the back yard. Within a couple of minutes of starting that search my CTX gave a nice 12-15 reading and the pinpoint showed a depth of zero, I knew I had found David’s ring without even seeing it. When I parted the grass there sat David’s ring staring up at me. I placed my probe in the center of the ring, turned off my machine and waited for David to return. He was surprised and very happy to get his ring back. He wasn’t optimistic about me finding his ring due to the fact that had performed the search previously. Luckily I have the skills and tools to perform the tasks.

Ring recovered 10-19-2017

David’s ring hiding in the grass