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Lost Wedding Ring .. Strand Beach .. Dana Point, CA. .. Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I was contacted by Jason who found me on line at TheRingFinders.com . Jason and his family had spent the day at Strand Beach which is located at Dana Point, CA. He placed his wedding band in the cup holder on his beach chair. They had picked up their chairs and walked a few hundred feet towards the car when Jason remembered the ring.
He went back to search for the ring. It had to be in the sand and could not be found by hand searching.  Jason did take a good look at the location which was a great help to me when I arrived with my metal detector.
The beach is a long walk down a steep stairway. The tide was coming in which caused us to navigate over large breakwater boulders to get to the area where they had spent the day.
Thanks to Jason for putting me on the exact location. It was a quick recovery. The ring was under about 3″ of wet sand right at the edge of the incoming tide. We had to walk about a quarter mile back to the car, but it didn’t seem that far as we talked about this service and the success of finding Jason’s ring that means so much to him..

Ring Lost at Huntington State Beach .. Found with Metal Detector

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Samantha had read a posting on social media about a ring that I found for a lady a couple weeks ago. She had no idea that she would need my services.
Saturday Samantha and her husband Steve went to Huntington State Beach. Before going into the water Steve put his wedding ring in the cup holder of his beach chair. The rest of the story is like many other lost ring stories. Ring in the sand then the hours of raking their fingers through the sand to no avail.
After giving up, returning home Samantha remembered the story about TheRingFinders.com . She contacted me giving me perfect directions so I could start the search before they arrived. It was another easy search because I found the trash can that they were near and then I could see the finger marks through the sand. It still took about 20 minutes as they were about 10 feet from the actual location of the ring.
Text message them a photo of the ring and when they got to the beach I got to see the smiles and the gratitude they both had for the return of wedding band. Steve said, that last night he had thoughts about how he had worn the ring everyday for six and a half years and it was now gone.. We changed that part of the ring’s story. It was a pleasure to meet Samantha and Steve. This does not get old, I can’t wait till the next call.

Sunday .. 9-27-15