Metal Detector Rental .. Lost Engagement Ring .. Huntington Beach

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Why rent or buy a metal detector .. When you can have an experienced person with the best equipment find your valuable.


Sunday, after returning home from the beach, Julie realized her new white gold engagement ring was missing from her finger. It could only be at the beach where she had taken it off to put on sunscreen. Her fiancé, John went to the local sporting goods store purchasing  a metal detector. They also brought tennis rackets to sift through the sand. The search went into the night until the beach closed at 10pm. That night was a sleepless night for Julie, so she went to her Huntington Beach Community Forum to share her dilemma.
Somewhere in her search for what to do to find her precious ring, Julie located That was how she contacted me. John and Julie were on the beach searching early Monday morning when they called me before 7am. When I arrived they were able to put me in the exact area. The ring was back on her finger within a few minutes. Tears of joy and giant smiles from both of them.
John said he must have gone over that same area more than a half a dozen times. He had found some bottle caps, but he was completely overwhelmed with the new device. There are several basics to understand about using a metal detector. I would never tell a person to just rent or buy a metal detector. Too many variables like, other trash metals, soil conditions, settings on the detector and much more. It takes a little practice to feel comfortable using it. In most cases you will not have that much time. Why worry for more time than you should?
Julie told me she had no idea that existed. I hear that all the time. Then asked her if she could put the word out to her friends. She posted on her Facebook forum the next thing we knew it received 1500- likes and over 200-comments. A reporter from the Orange County Register ask us to meet for an interview the next day.
My hope is that more people will know how to get their missing sentimental item found. We have members in many cities in the USA, Canada and other countries. Why worry or get upset with yourself for losing your valuable piece of jewelry. We are ready to help.. Important, Please call anytime 24/7.

The next couple days we did a newspaper and a television news interview…



Monday … August 31, 2015

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2 Replies to “Metal Detector Rental .. Lost Engagement Ring .. Huntington Beach”

  1. Stan,
    Great idea about the facebook forum. Wish everyone knew that there are ‘ringfinders’ in many countries also and it is especially important that they are made aware of it when going on vacation…we are here to help at a moments notice. Keep up the good work

  2. Curtis Cox says:

    Over 150 rings returned and still a miracle of a search for you Stan.Way to go!!
    I have heard the story of people renting or buying cheap detectors with limited knowledge In hopes to find a precious metal they have lost It happens a whole lot and I’m glad to hear they called Stan the man From TheRingfinders!

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